When I first saw the images from JWST I recognized immediately that they each represented one of the major science missions of the new telescope. It also struck me that in our Deeptime perspective each one of the images represents one of the expressions of cosmogenesis and a major theme of human (and life’s) experience. For example:

Carina nebula – birth

Webb Deep Field – origins

Southern  Ring Nebula – death

WASP exoplanet – life

Stephan’s Quintet – relationality and transformation

So the JWST is expressing a yearning for exploring the most profound human themes of life, death, transformation, and relationality in a cosmic context, and is connecting up these themes with their origins in the cosmos. They’re doing the work of Deeptime in a scientific framework. I also appreciated how they expressed JWST as not only being solely a NASA/ESA mission but an instrument that represents humanity and our collective search for a common origin.  Sarbmeet said it so well in his recent blog post: we build telescopes to get to know where we come from.

The launch and success of JWST is really a pivotal moment for the global community and I think the first year of results is really going to be spectacular!

See the first images here: https://www.nasa.gov/webbfirstimages