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The Deeptime Leadership program is a 9-month Certification program that cultivates Deeptime Leaders, individuals who have big picture perspective that is aligned with the well-being and benefit of their communities, ecosystems, and the entire Earth Community. Through this program they have developed the skills, perspectives, and practices to guide individuals, groups, and organizations into alignment with a larger sense of purpose and contribution. They have also honed their skills through developing and implementing a personal project that expresses their own contribution to a better world in their own unique way. We at the Deeptime Network fully support and recommend these Certificate recipients and invite you to be in touch with them about their work and their fields of interest.

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Ambie Abano

Manila, Philippines

Primary Field of Application: Art and Education

Project: My project is a guided journey of discovery in a co-creative engagement with nature in the form of a hand-crafted book that invites the participant to a weekly rendezvous of story-telling, insight sharing and meditative art making. It will contain step-by-step instruction on how to use conventional mediums in art (like pencil, charcoal, ink, etc.) and will likewise give guidelines on how to explore non-conventional art materials and processes.

Bio: Although a licensed architect, she followed her allurement to the visual arts in the pursuit of finding space to express her curiosities about life, self and the nature of things. With an art practice that spans over thirty years, she continues to engage the creative adventure in printmaking, exploring both material and process to bring her content in expanded forms of woodcuts . She earned her MFA from the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts, where she has been teaching for the past 18 years.

Cami Flake

San Rafael, CA

Primary Field of Application: Creating community through the arts

Project: An interview series exploring our relationship to Earth through the perspective of culture and religion.My intention and offering is to grow a deeper understanding of our relationship to Earth. I believe this is where we can start to act in new and gentler ways towards our planet and connect with our core beliefs towards our dream of the earth.My hope is to create conversation and community to help find a way through the climate emergency together.

Bio: Portrait photographer, filmmaker and painter, Cami Flake lives in Northern California with her husband, son and pup. Living most of her life in California, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Media Production with minors in Art History and Advertising. Her work has spanned TV production, documentary film, advertising, portrait photography and most recently acrylic painting and collage.

Haseena Patel

Newcastle, South Africa

Primary Field of Application: Mind-body-spirit healing for self and Mother Earth (healing?)

Project: The Truth-Walker’€™s Journey Course: 8 Leadership Principles for healing self and Mother Earth. ~ Explore healing as an act of leadership,€“ UN-Become who you are not and claim your personal sovereignty through healing of mind, body and spirit.~ Access peace as a state of BE-ing using the 5 Building Blocks of UN-Becoming. ~ Know who you are and what you bring to our interconnected world.

Bio: Haseena Patel is a healing breakthrough coach, international speaker, yoga instructor, Akashic Records reader and teacher, poet and peace-builder from South Africa.She works with clients globally to heal themselves and their world through mind-body-spirit alignment, is co-founder of Leave No Girl Behind International, an organisation that empowers girls worldwide through leadership, and is also co-creator of the Bubbles Beyond Borders global empowerment campaign. Haseena is the author of 4 published books (2 are co-authored with her sister) and 1 soon-to-be-published book, titled: The Truth-Walker’s Journey: The UN-Becoming of Who You Are Not. [email protected]://

Argerie Vasilakes

in the Cuyahoga River Watershed near Cleveland, Ohio

Primary Field of Application: Our work of ecosystem restoration combines community education, design, entrepreneurship and research.

Project: CRCL (Cuyahoga River Community Lab) is a network of entrepreneurs, educators and artists exploring the contours of postcolonial ecosystem restoration in Northeast Ohio. Co-founders Argerie Vasilakes and Beth Blissman use a Deeptime perspective to weave practical justice, environmental awareness, equity, local food systems and human dignity into solutions intended to restore well-being to ourselves and to the 800+ square mile watershed that nourishes this part of Earth. As women of Euro-American ancestry based in the US, we are trying to decolonize our minds as we meet Earth with respect. We become lighter on our feet with each Lab experiment in restorative ways of being and working.

Bio: Argerie Vasilakes brings together business, nature and art to restore and redesign conditions for flourishing human communities, enterprises and planet. She leads, consults and researches efforts in worldview and culture change using leadership development and living systems designs. Her collaborators — in neighborhoods, urban farms, local government, mission-driven and for-profit businesses — have restored faith in their capacity to generate more coherent communities and more life-giving results.

Seema Shalini Lugun


Primary Field of Application: Building Intentional Community for Indigenous Communities

Project: Through my project of Intentional Community am trying to deep dive into communal intelligence, communal wellness, and community identity of indigenous communities and strengthen these aspects for these communities.

Bio: Am an Indigenous woman whose ethnic roots lie with the Munda tribe of India. Am an MBA grad who is curious about the human potential and the cultures they weave. I can be contacted at [email protected]

Corinna Schwemer

Kronberg, Germany

Primary Field of Application: Creating Community through Arts, Guiding and ReSearching. And Fun!

Project: What supports a deeply needed and vibrant change in our consciousness in these times of crisis? While taking into account our very unique deep human nature? Following this Life-size question, I developed a tailor-made model to support groups and organizations to go through a creative, funny and heart touching renewal process. Cutting edge science meets the ancient wisdom of Sacred Play and Divine Laughter: please connect with me to take a bold Fools Leap for Life – – –

Bio: Corinna Schwemer is an economist, award-winning film maker, deep nature connection mentor, artist and clown who loves to expand consciousness to unknown and deeply creative edges. Reach out to: [email protected] and

Odile Coirier

El Paso, Texas (US)

Primary Field of Application: Spirituality

Project: The course will explore the New Story for our times, a Cosmogenesis. The scientific breakthroughs of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries open new horizons. Mystics and theologians such as Teilhard de Chardin,Thomas Berry and others challenge the traditional religious narrative of our Western Judeo-Christian tradition. Who are we in this evolving universe?

Bio: I am Sister Odile Coirier, member of the Institute of the Franciscan Missionary of Mary, an International catholic religious order. I am currently working with Interfaith Power and light New Mexico-El Paso region, whose mission is to organize, mobilize people of faith to take action on climate change and other related issues. info contact: [email protected]

Judith Keller

Southport, Qld AUSTRALIA

Primary Field of Application :
Spirituality and the arts.

Project: I am allured to the cosmic and contemplative art of deep listening and draw on music, poetry, and mindfulness practices. The question: what is earth community asking of us at this time of emergence, is central in my continuing emergence as a Deeptime Leader.

Bio: Judith Keller has a background in education, spirituality and the arts. Together with her training in Deeptime Leadership she has undertaken training in Laudato Si’ animation and in Awake in the Wild eco-mindfulness practices. She teaches eco-mindfulness practices, and poetry, to women, gardeners, nature journalists, to her spiritual direction community, to climate activists and to Earth creatives. [email protected]

Jenny Bowler

Melbourne, Australia

Primary Field of Application: Education

Project: The oldest ritual burials in the world are in Australia. 42,000 year old Mungo Lady and Mungo Man appeared in the sand dune to my father who was there researching ancient climatic changes. MUNGO EXPLORER is a curriculum for schools based on this discovery, intergrating scientific and Indigenous perspectives. A fascinating story.

Bio: Deep listening via music and imagery to engage wholeness has been a passion. Learning to understand we live in a ‘dreaming’ landscape and cosmology has taken me on many adventures. The creation of Mungo Explorer for schools is a result of this exploration and together with Cultural Infusion we created a digital platform to deliver this program for schools. Register for Free here to see the outline of content.

Liz Rees

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Primary Field of Application: Community education, retreats, contemplative spaces

Project: Contemplative Deeptime. I created learning content that draws on mystics, poets, astronomers, cosmologists, eco-activists and song-writers. These sessions combine wisdom and inspiration, contemplative practices, group discussion and outdoor invitations to embody the learning. Titles include: Eyes that See — Stepping into Deeptime, Zest for Life, Communion of Subjects, Kinship with the Cosmos, Allurement, Blue Planet, and Teilhard de Chardin – Pilgrim of the Future.

Bio: Liz is trained in eco ministry and guides contemplative practices and retreats. Reach out to [email protected]

Luningning Alvarado

Kiblawan, Davao del Sur, Philippines

Primary Field of Application: Mission

Project: Learning Organic Agriculture Production offered by one of the Agency in our government in the Philippines was one of my project which I believe I can practice it slowly in the house of my family and hopefully I can share it to others ( Friends and with the people of my next place of assignment as Lay Missionary). The other project I have is a join forces with my friends in mission which we call ” We Visit, We Plant” that means when we visit the houses of our friends and the families of our co- missionaries, we bring some tree seedlings and we plant with the family. We decided also to collect seeds to plant through the fruits that we eat at home .

Bio: I am Lay Missionary of Foreign Mission Society of Quebec. I been in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil for 10 years.

Penny Andrews

Wisconsin, USA

Primary Field of Application: Spiritual Formation during the Great Turning

Project: New Cosmology: Our Common Story as a Way of Knowing is a 7-week survey course of the sweeping information we have learned from Teillhard DeChardin to Physicist Peter Russell’s Consciousness theory and Brian Swimme’s human brain research. Prepared for the Creation Spirituality Communities Certificate Program, the course was offered in the summer of 2022.

Bio: Penny Andrews is a retired chaplain and ordained Interfaith minister. She co-hosts a monthly webinar, Creation in Crisis, does workshops on the Universe Story, Consciousness and Creativity, and is a facilitator of the Work the Reconnects.

Catherine Maresca

Washington DC

Primary Field of Application: Religious education.

Project: Research and write essays on modeling the integration of faith and science in one’s life for parents and teachers of young children. These will be the basis of talks, workshops, conference presentations, publications and materials on this subject.

Bio: Director of the Center for children and Theology,, exploring the theology of children and offering programs and resources to nurture their spiritual life. Author of DoubleClose, the Young Child’s Knowledge of God, Violence and Nonviolence in Scripture, When You Were Baptized, Sing with Joy, Songs of Love. MARS from Howard University, connecting liberation theology to children.

Lisa Verni

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Primary Field of Application: Wellness, the Arts, Consulting

Project:  “Dancing with the Pain,”,  is an artistic offering of gratitude and lived wisdom. It is meant to inspire hope and understanding through embodiment and expression of a Deeptime Perspective.

Bio: Lisa Verni, LCSW is a seasoned psychotherapist, consultant, writer, artist, and dancer who loves helping people live their authentic lives. Contact: [email protected];;

M.J. Zimmerman

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Primary Field of Application: Ecotherapy, healing, and earth-focused spirituality.

Project: One part will be teaching the theological implications of the new cosmology to adults at the Albuquerque Mennonite Church. Another part, still in development, will be offering rituals out in nature that use the universe story as a healing story, similar to the Dineh Blessingway Ceremonies.

Bio: M.J. Zimmerman, Phd, is a teacher and therapist who studied the new cosmology with Brian Swimme at CIIS and Dineh cosmology with Dineh elders Leon Secatero, David Begay, and Nancy Maryboy. She has also studied and practiced Michael Harner’s version of shamanic journeying and Bill Plotkin’s soulcraft work. She is interested in how we can now integrate indigenous ways of knowing with modern ways of knowing to better live in harmony with our local ecosystems. [email protected]

Mary Ann Wamhoff

Crozet, Virginia

Primary Field of Application: labyrinth facilitation and Creation Spirituality

Project: I co-presented a one-day in-person workshop entitled Finding Presence in the Labyrinth: Connecting with the Circles of Life. I also presented a four-part online workshop entitled Creation Spirituality on the Labyrinth: A Dance of Four Powerful Paths. I weave deeptime into labyrinth walks whenever I facilitate.

Bio: I’m a retired educator, musician, and massage therapist who practices Reiki daily and sometimes teaches T’ai Chi Chuh! My husband and I love to visit labyrinths when we travel. I am enjoying introducing our new community to the beauty of this ancient tool for moving meditation. Email [email protected].

Tara DeNuccio

Menlo Park, CA

Primary Field of Application: Community Living and Development

Project: Deeptime Living Communities are those in which the vitality and expression of life, in all forms, is supported and encouraged to flourish in an ever-evolving universe. As communities of the future, they will be shaped by collective consciousness that is embodied in awareness of and commitment to the principles of Deep Time. Deeptime living allows us to draw on the intelligence of the 13.8 billion year old universe and wisdom of understanding that will guide our way forward with greater relational unity and coherence.

Bio: In practice as an Integral and Somatic Coach over the last 20 years, my personal and professional interests have led to depth work in the areas of human growth and development, and embodied spirituality – with a focus on healing individual and collective trauma. By shining a light on the costs to humanity, the Earth and our collective future when traumatic impacts remain hidden and unacknowledged, we can, together, undertake the work of healing and restoration, releasing new possibilities for the future. Orienting from the wisdom of Deep Time, the primacy of relationship and community is held as essential for evolution of the highest good.


Clifford Berrien

Albuquerque, NM

Primary Field of Application: My primary application of Deeptime leadership will be at the intersection of Education & the Arts.

Project: My project is a course tentatively called: An invitation to view the world in the spirit of relationality and reciprocity. It is a deeptime inquiry into decolonial responses offered to heal the wound of separation from the universe, other humans and the planet Earth. This will be a practice-course integrating cognitive, affective, relational, contemplative and somatic practices offered to deepen our ability to make meaningful connections for the flourishing of the whole.

Bio: Cliff Berrien has over 50 years of experience as a drummer, percussionist, dj and music educator focused on the rhythms and music of the African Diaspora and many other global music traditions. He has used his degree in psychology and a substantial interest in the healing and wellness of body, mind and spirit to focused on studying cultural expressions of collective joy as transformative ways to develop creativity, cultural dexterity and contemplative-somatic awareness. His current dedication to deeptime studies began with an introduction to the work of his friend and mentor, Dr Barbara A Holmes ,through her book “Race and the Cosmos: An Invitation to view the world differently.


Brian E. Tucker

West Trenton, NJ USA

Primary Field of Application: Technology and Global Consciousness

Project: My allurement has arisen from my work of the past 40 years in Technology and Spiritual Direction. I have a vision that technology can be used to support the flourishing of life on this planet and help to usher in the Ecozoic era. I’m interested in collaborating with others who share in this vision. By spending time listening to the wisdom of the Cosmos (the greater context in which we are all embedded), I’€™ve learned to incorporate the four €œDeep Time Mindsets into my technological work and begin focusing on the fifth element of Continuum (evolution towards Global Consciousness)

Bio: As a Systems Analyst technology professional working for the past 16 years for a large Human Services Non-profit serving the Greater Philadelphia region, New Jersey and Delaware, I’ve also been consulting in my spare time with other non-profits whose missions align with my values  (The DeepTime Network, The Guild for Spiritual Guidance, The David Paladin Archives, Bharat Sevashram Sangha, NJ in Kendall Park, The Cuyamungue Institute in Santa Fe, NM, JEVS Human Services in Philadelphia and the Global Consciousness Project with Author and TechCast CEO Bill Halal). Please visit to learn more.


Katrina Fabish

Aotearoa New Zealand

Primary Field of Application: While I have been called to leadership I have a deep interest in expressive arts and spirtiuality which leads to right actions. I cannot separate culture, justice, action and deep sprirituality and so have sought to offer experiences in all, and especially for those who do not have opportunities. I lived in our Mercy refuge for women for ten years and so feel impelled to keep reaching the edges. My background is in education and facilitation. My Deeptime Leadership is evolving the dream of the centre, teaching expressive arts, facilitating spirited conversation (bringing in visionaries) and develop transforming rituals,which may be in public spaces as witness.

Project: To create a Centre for Contemplation and Action using the Deeptime Network Principles within the Universe in the spirit of our Mercy Tradition and Values within the context of Aotearoa and our commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi. (vision statement further elaborates our vision. On Earth Day 24 April, we had the opening blessing for Hou Mana Wai Mercy Wellsprings. Core to our new development is our commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi- indigenous and from its ‘dreamtime’ we have consulted with Maori thoru every step from the blessing of the land, naming of the centre and leading our opening ceremonies.

Bio: I am a sister of Mercy who in 1992 studied with Mathew Fox at the “Culture and Creation Spirituality” graduate programme in San Francisco. This was transformational and influenced my further directions and decisions in the many Leadership roles I have had. Among these is the establishment of a community development centre dedicated to Women, Children and Earth-restoration of wetlands on site and Papatuanuku ki Taurangi Earth Promise -a community around a garden who grow food for the local poor and employ those who have challenges in life. We have not yet launched our new website. Please contact [email protected].

Kenneth Steven Miller

7 Highlands Rd , Manahawkin NJ, 08050

Primary Field of Application: Presently I would be open to education consulting, or the arts in applying Deeptime Leadership, because I never had any professional experience in any of these fields . Leadership that engages unknown situations is very important and could be practiced in all l three of these fields . Our world faces many,” Gap” situations.

Project: My Deeptime Leadership project is on Life Long Learning .Originally I thought of this as always learning, in order to keep ones mind and brain sharp,and about things that one never had time to learn about before . While taking this course and developing my project, I realized that there was so much more to it . One example is that as one gains knowledge, the unknown also grows, thus begins a journey.

Bio: While I was taking this course Deeptime Leadership and Personal Empowerment Program I discovered that I was a Life Long Learner from the time I started 1st Grade . Public school taught formal subjects that were very important, but when class was not in session, recess, lunch time, assembling to go home on school busses, were situations that were very informal. They were not supervised leaving the student in a situation of not knowing exactly what to do. I learned that Deeptime Leadership had a term for this,” The Gap,” leadership is very unique from traditional leadership, because it deals with the unknown. [email protected] Ken Miller

Orla O’Reilly Hazra

Sarasota, Florida

Primary Field of Application: Philosophy of education, pedagogy, religious education, spirituality and addiction

Project: At this time I am completing a rewrite of my PhD dissertation (2009) into a book entitled “Back to Roots: Radical Education of the Mythopoetic Kind”. It is a tracing of our somatic journey of alienation, awakening and return, through the fourfold wisdom conversation of science, religion women and Indigenous peoples. This awareness and understanding of being bound (re-ligare) together in a collective Deep Time web of creative emergence offers lessons daily. Through story and shared dream experience, and aligned with the Universe as teacher, Deeptime pedagogy and leadership gives witness to the Great Work of our time, laying the foundations for Ecozoic living, freed from the spell of Cartesian ways of knowing and being.

Bio: The book is autobiographical but also a reflection of a larger cultural pathology. I began to address this pathology earlier in life as an addictions counselor but felt the profession was not addressing our trauma of separation from aspects of self, oneanother, Earth and Cosmos. From 2008-2019, I shared my findings while living in India, sharing the Story at retreats, teacher education programs and college courses. The discoveries and experiences along the way can now be shared more widely through the book and hopefully make their way into “educational” settings, especially teacher training and formation. As a founding board member of the Deeptime Network, I have shared the educational model, as well as presented it within Jesuit circles to renew their pedagogy. [email protected]