Check out the deep time history wall mural we put up at Midland High School! It makes me very glad to realize that hundreds of Michigan high school students are seeing this every day during the school year, helping them understand where we came from and what an awesome history it is! The decals are easy to apply and I could get sets like this for ~$480 each.  That’s my son Kaedon and I, after putting the decals up (they are simple peel and stick).  It is about 33′ long X ~4.5′ wide.  Each image and text is a separate decal from the DNA strand, so it can be adjusted to fit the location (as in these images, where we made room for the clock, etc.).  The set includes 18 events with their dates, all along a DNA strand stretching from the Big Bang until today.  The 17 events are The Big Bang, Elements made in Stars, Earth/moon formation, Life on Earth, First Chordates, Plants on Land, Vertebrates on land, Permian Extinction, Dinosaurs, Mammals, Asteroid Extinction, Whale Evolution, Hominid Evolution, Discovery of Fire, Stonehenge, Moon Landing, Today, Sustainable Future.  Close ups of each image can be seen at the Deep Time Network facebook page.  You can check the size of any image by comparing with a brick on the wall, which is 8″ long.
Can you imagine how much positive impact it can be to have this up in many schools and homes?  Kids across the world can grow up with a clear memory of our wonderful deep time history!  Also works great with the Grandmother Fish grandmothers.  Just drop me a line at [email protected]