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Now more than ever, a Deeptime perspective is crucial for leadership, one that sees ourselves as embedded within an evolving universe and Earth. This perspective is a functional cosmology that gives us the energy and wisdom needed to address the crises of our day.  This is why we started the Deeptime Leadership and Wellbeing Program.   (Image to right by Deeptime leader Elizabeth Carranza)

“We’re a communion of subjects,

not a collection of objects.”

— Thomas Berry

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The Deeptime Leadership and Wellbeing Program program draws over 100 people per year from around the world, many of whom cannot pay the price needed to make the program viable.  We’ve learned in these two years that people from these countries that have the most difficulty paying US prices bring a crucially important presence to the overall program with their rich and different perspectives.

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Help support the participation of students from other countries!  The Deeptime Leadership & Wellbeing Program has drawn students from 13 countries including the those profiled below.  There are many more like them.  We received 32 applications for the current program alone.  Your contribution supports students like these for the 2023-2024 Program. To see  certified leaders from the 2021-2022 program, click here.

“This is the most important course I have done in my entire life. I am able to impact the world in a deeper and more significant way because of it. I want other students like me to benefit too. It will change their lives.”

— Haseena Patel, certified Deeptime Leader (see profile below)

Support Students Like . . .

The six students below participated in last year’s program or are in the current Deeptime Leadership & Wellbeing Program.  They would not have been able to participate without scholarship help and would have missed this opportunity to shape their leadership perspective, character and skills to make a difference in the future of Earth.  There are so many more like them!

Zeinab Esmail

Cairo, Egypt
DTLWP 2022-2023

Montessori Teacher

I am a Montessori teacher in Egypt and have taught children in Cairo for eleven years.  I planned to be a law professor but then discovered that the future of our planet begins with children.   Montessori Cosmic Education is a crucially important curriculum for raising children with a Cosmic and Earth consciousness and I plan to publish Cosmic Education materials for my country.

The Deeptime Leadership Program is helping me understand more about universe so I can create unique cosmic education materials, particularly with storytelling.   The DTLWP is helping me to guide teachers and parents for this kind of education in the Middle East.



Boateng Ebenezer

Suhum-Ghana, West Africa
DTLWP 2022-2023

Ghana Education Service

I work for the Ghana Education Service under the Ministry of Education which is responsible for implementing government policies that ensure that all Ghanaians of school-going age receive quality formal education.      I have a special interest in being at the cutting edge of educational policy development and implementation.

I obtained a Diploma in Basic Education from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana with major key models as: Guidance and Counselling, Trends in Education, Mathematics, English Language, Music, Religious and Moral Education, Agric Science, Ghanaian Language (Twi), Education and Methods of Teaching.  I’m participating in this program to advance my leadership skills and understanding.

Ambie Abaño

Manila, Philippines
DTLWP 2021-2023

Professor, University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts

Although a licensed architect, I followed my allurement to the visual arts, particularly printmaking, to pursue my curiosities about life, self and the nature of things. I am grateful to DTLP for the wisdom that allowed me to discover a larger picture of relationality, deepening my participation in the bigger whole. I obtained my MFA from the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts, where I’ve been teaching for the past 18 years.  In the Leadership Program, I started a project for a guided journey of discovery in co-creative engagement with nature, inviting participants to a weekly rendezvous of story-telling, insight sharing and meditative art making.

Seema Shalini Lugun

DTLWP 2022-2023

Intentional Community Organizer

I’m an Indigenous woman whose ethnic roots lie with the Munda tribe of India.  I graduated with an MBA and I’m curious about the human potential and the cultures they weave.

In my project of organizing an Intentional Community, I’m trying to dive deep and strengthen communal intelligence, communal wellness, and community identity of indigenous communities.  I can be contacted at [email protected].





Haseena Patel

Newcastle, South Africa
DTLWP 2021-2022

Co-founder, Leave No Girl Behind

I am a healing breakthrough coach, international speaker, yoga instructor, poet and peace-builder.  I work with clients globally to heal themselves and their world through my Healing Breakthrough Universe-ity.  I co-founded Leave No Girl Behind International, an organization that empowers girls worldwide.  I authored four published books and an upcoming book, titled: The Truth-Walker’s Journey: The UN-Becoming of Who You Are Not.  During the Deeptime Leadership & Wellbeing program, I created  a course, Healing as Leadership – 8 Principles for Healing Self and Mother Earth:

Sr. Stephnora Ogbonna

Saint Kitts, Caribbean Islands
DTLWP 2022-2023

Nigerian Catholic Nun

I work as a missionary. I am a science and religious education teacher, and volunteer as the school guidance counsellor for the past four years at the Immaculate Conception Catholic School. My first degree is in education from the University of Nigeria Nsukka and I have a masters in advanced teaching from the University of the People, USA. I teach catechesis in the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, under Diocese of St John’s Basseterre.

My work in the Diocese of St. John’s Basseterre as a teacher, guidance counsellor and religious education teacher is being enriched by my experience in the Deeptime leadership program.


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