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Date: July 14, 2022 - July 17, 2022
Time: All Day
Sponsor: Sisters of Earth
Website: https://www.sisters-of-earth.net/
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Event Location:
Pallotine Renewal Center, 15270 Old Hall Ferrys Road, Florrisant, Missouri, United States


This event is open to women who consider themselves ‘Sisters of Earth’

… described at this link:  https://www.sisters-of-earth.net/about


In moments of confusion such as at present, 
we are not left simply with our own rational contrivances. 

We are supported by the ultimate powers of the Universe as they make themselves present to us 
through the spontaneities within our own beings. 

It is the role of the shamanic personality to bear witness to the unseen and work within the 
community of life to help humanity transition into a new possibility.” 

Thomas Berry


Sister of Earth Conference



Our conference theme is grounded in the multi-dimensionality of what Thomas Berry called
the Great Work and its historical mission: 

  • to re-invent ourselves, 
  • with critical reflection, 
  • within the community of life-systems, 
  • in a deep time context, 
  • by means of story, and shared dream experience.

During our conference, the processes of engaging the shamanic dimension will be designed to address this vision.


An international weekend – all are welcome!

~ gather in-person and virtually to support one another,
to network and collaborate with many other Sisters of Earth ~

~ gather with the natural world as a Single Sacred Community ~


All invited to attend virtually!

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