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      Di Shearer

      I’m trying to post a resource but getting tangled in the website. So here I’m going to try to post three poems. The first was spoken by Miranda when being presented his prize at the Tony Awards at the same time as flags were being lowered in mourning for the Orlando shooting, the second was read to TV cameras from a 20 year old in hospital (she was present in the nightclub and survived the event!) and the third is my own attempt to be a creative media consumer and ‘harness the power of creativity’. Hope this doesn’t make the message too long. My link with DTJN lies in the last lines of my own response – the old, new-story! I wish to express thanks to Sarah Smarsh (see link at the end of the message) who shared the context in which these poems are set. Here goes!

      My wife’s the reason anything gets done.

      She nudges me towards promise by degrees.

      She is a perfect symphony of one.

      Our son is her most beautiful reprise.

      We chase the melodies that seem to find us

      Until they’re finished songs and start to play.

      When senseless acts of tragedy remind us

      That nothing here is promised, not one day

      This show is proof that history remembers.

      We live through times when hate and fear seem stronger.

      We rise and fall, and light from dying embers

      Remembrances that hope and love last longer.

      And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love;

      Cannot be killed or swept aside.

      I sing Vanessa’s symphony; Eliza tells her story.
      Now fill the world with music, love, and pride.

      Lin-Manuel Miranda

      The guilt of feeling grateful to be alive is heavy.

      Wanting to smile about surviving but not sure the people around you are ready.

      As the world mourns the victims killed and viciously slain
I feel guilty about screaming about my legs in pain because I could feel nothing.
      Like the other 49 who weren’t so lucky to feel this pain of mine
I never thought in a million years that this could happen.

      I never thought in a million years that my eyes could witness something so tragic.

      Look at the souls leaving the bodies of individuals

      Looking at the killers machine gun throughout my right peripheral

      Looking at the blood and debris covered on everyone’s faces

      Looking at the gunman’s feet, under the stall as he paces.

      The guilt of feeling lucky to be alive is heavy.

      It’s like the weight of the oceans walls uncontrolled by levees.

      It’s like being drugged through the grass with a shattered leg and thrown in the back of a Chevy.
It’s like being rushed to the hospital and told you’re going to make it,

      When you laid beside individuals whose lives are brutally taken.

      Patience Carter

      I wonder to myself each day as sun
      arises: what will this day bring to my life?
      I have one life to live and only one.

      What will I bring to counter all the strife?
      There isn’t anyone to save or find us.
      Life is more than leisure, more than play.
      So who will take the time to help, remind us

      how we might simply live this precious day?
      There seems to be a need to counter
      How might I grow more caring, strong and true?
      I want to live in truth avoiding error

      but that just fails to tell me what to do.
      We cheapen words yet one is ever precious.
      It’s love, it’s love, it’s love, it’s love, it’s Love.

      I’ll rise this day put hatred to one side.
      I’ll live deep faith from this old, new-story.
      And breathe my last with dignity and pride.

      Di Shearer, June 26, 2016

      As Teilhard de Chardin distilled it: “Love is the most universal, the most tremendous and the most mystical of cosmic forces. Love is the primal and universal psychic energy. Love is a sacred reserve of energy; it is like the blood of spiritual evolution.”(The Spirit of the Earth, 1931, VI, 32, 33, 34)

      I’d love to hear your versions of ‘harnessing the energies of creativity’ and of Love as so beautiful illustrated in the poems of Miranda and Carter.

      I refer you to the On Being site for my original source and Sarah Smarsh’s article entitled: The Data of Tragedy and the Province of Art

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      Jennifer Morgan

      Hi Di,
      Harnessing the energies of creativity is certainly what we need now . . . a crucial and decisive driver of evolution. So sorry you had trouble with adding a resource. There’s info about how to add resources on the FAQS page under “About” on the menu bar and there’s a video tutorial on the home page. Right under “The Deep Time Framework” video. Let me know if these help and what else we can do to make the process easier. Once you’ve done it a couple of times, it becomes very easy, but there are always those first few times to get through.

      Actually, this may be the best way to post these poems and invitation to discussion, inside a Forum topic. So all good. But that doesn’t take away the frustration of your earlier efforts.


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      Di Shearer

      Which of Brian Swimme’s Powers of the Universe does this power of creativity relate to? Perhaps his 10+1 powers are each essential to creativity – of course they are! They are each one of the colours that together form the prism of light. That helps! How might my actions today reflect these powers and so harness the power of creativity?

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