Gagandeep Singh (DTN Developer) & Sukhpreet Meenu

Marry in a Punjabi wedding

Sunday, November 19th, 2023

Gagan has been a developer of the Deeptime Network website for almost two years along with Mohit Sharma who has developed the website for over five years.  Mohit, who now lives in Australia, is from the Punjab in India.  Gagan currently lives in the Punjab.

After ten years of being together, Gagan and Sukhpreet finally got married on Sunday, November 19, 2023. They were in relationship since 2013 and have seen many ups and downs together. In previous years, their parents did not agree to their wedding, but Gagan and Sukhpreet never considered leaving each other. They stood by each other and their parents slowly began to understood that they are made for each other.  Then Gagan’s & Sukhpreet’s parents agreed to the marriage and finally the wedding happened with all the Sikh traditions.  All their relatives and friends enjoyed the wedding and are now happy with their wedding.

Many blessings Gagan and Sukhpreet for a happy life together!  🙂