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Professional Development for TEACHERS

GROUP BUNDLES for your training center or school!


1. Get unlimited access to ALL online professional development courses for one year. 

  • Experienced Extraordinary trainers
  • Watch lectures collectively or individually whenever you like.
  • PD Hours recognized by the American Montessori Society and many public schools.

Please check with your supervisor to see if these course will satisfy your requirements.

The significance and profound power of a deeptime perspective for education is exactly what we need today.

Jennifer Morgan, President, DTN

2. Your faculty receive ALL member benefits

  • Participate in discussions and a private FB group for teachers.
  • Read, add, and comment on blogs/resources
  • Message other members


  • Connect with educational elders with so much wisdom to share
  • Start a study group. We’ll help you make it happen.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with DTN staff, recommending and developing new programs. 

Would you like a Deeptime Elder

to help guide your school to:

  • Create a Vision,
  • Assess Where You are Now, and
  • Manifest Your Vision?

We can recommend an experienced trainer who is just right for your
school. To write to us, click here.


Number Of Staff Annual Rates
3 – 5 $350.00
6 – 10 $700.00
11 – 15 $1,050.00
16 – 20 $1,400.00
21 – 30 $1,820.00
31 – 50 $2,640.00
51 – 75 $3,460.00
76 – 100 $4,200.00

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After your faculty have signed up on for free, they can use the coupon code here to get access to all courses and member benefits for one year.   Redeem Group Bundle

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