Jennifer Morgan—founder and president of the Deeptime Network—presented at the Co-Creators Convergence on April 2, 2022. Jennifer began by looking at the many breakdowns in the world today, and then explored what we can learn from the universe about how it transforms.

She posited that, in order to break through the current crises, it is crucial that we center ourselves in the cosmos. The Universe is effective at evolving. The more we learn about and embody it, the more we can help co-create the next level of transformation for ourselves and Earth.

Jennifer then took us to a deeptime place “where the human psyche connects with the cosmos.” Like creation stories that exist in every culture, the Cosmic Story helps us connect with the cosmos. By sharing her own Deeptime story, Jennifer connected us to the magnitude of the universe and helped us recognize the possibility for this new step in humanity. It was a powerful experience lighting the way toward the potential for transformation!

The deeply insightful and uplifting recording, from Co-Creators Convergence  live-stream on facebook, is worth the time to view in its entirety. If you are short on time and want to see Jennifer’s presentation only, see 15:50-50:00.