Mira is a little girl who is sure she knows the truth about who her people are and how they came to live in their village in the river valley. She has been hearing the story her whole life long. But across the river in another village, people tell a different story. While she is certain this story must be wrong, Mira is also curious about the others who tell it. A chance encounter with a little boy from the other village causes Mira to question everything she has been taught about the others, and who really belongs in the valley. She seeks help from a wise elder who tells her a new story about the beginning–the Cosmic Story–which turns out to be big enough to include everyone.

Mira and the Big Story is a fable about interconnectedness. Written for early school-age children, this beautifully illustrated book explores the implications of the Cosmic Story for how we see ourselves and others, and how we relate to one another, the earth, and all its creatures.