• Rod Sugden posted an update 9 years, 3 months ago

    Jane (Riddiford) and I just finished 3 days of facilitating workshops in Portugal – Porto, Viana Do Castelo and Lisbon. The workshops were entitled “The Universe Story for Teachers and Adults”. The aim of the Workshops was to encourage everyone to become cosmic storytellers.

    We used a variety of approaches. These included: –
    Sitting Still, Working with Values, Thread Discussions, Creation Stories, Walking our 14 Billion Year History and knowledge of the scientific Timeline.

    It was a really rewarding trip with a deep sense that the wonderfully open and receptive Portuguese participants have delved into and explored the Universe Story in new and inspiring ways. We can’t wait to go back!

    • Please tell your contacts in Portugal about the Deep Time Journey Network. We would love to have them on the Network and telling us about their experiences. Thanks so much for sharing this information Rod.

    • Hey. Rod. Today I work with my U3A group on the same theme. Later in the year, I expect to be back in Malaysia (Borneo) working with the same theme in the indigenous church there. I’d love to hear more from you. Even your list of approaches inspires me. Thanks!

      • Hey Di,
        Great to hear from you. Your work in Borneo and the church sounds really interesting. I thought it would be nice to talk together. How about a Skype call (or Zoom) in the next few days?
        Best wishes,

        • Hi Rod,

          Four years ago we thought we might make a virtual connection. This weekend Jennifer brought your name up as someone I might connect with as I prepare for a possible visit to the Netherlands mid 2020. If you are able to spare me some time – either in email exchange, or by Zoom – and if there’s a point in my coming to London for a few days, perhaps we could set something up. I also notice that you were part of the group I set up thinking around spiritual direction and DTJN. I’m taking some time over our summer/your winter to dive deep again and would love to hear from you. If it’s easier, my email is [email protected] . Sorry now that I didn’t seem to reply to your note above.