Participant comments from the previous Deeptime Leadership & Wellbeing Program:


The readings and videos were fantastic. The project stimulated me to actually jump into action with ideas that had been brewing.

Mary Ann Wamhoff
Crozet, Virginia (US)


I feel I belong to the world more fully, not an outsider rather a participant in this cosmic process. This program has helped me make sense of things I have felt and given context and validation to deeptime processes and realities. It has given me a more richer cosmic story and helps to place local issues on a collective scale. More confidence, insight and permission come from this, enabling action…’go and tell the story.’

To watch a video of Jenny’s recorded comment, click here!

Jenny Bowler
Endeavour Hills, Victoria, Australia


I think we all felt included, in a way that goes beyond other groups/organizations… a true communion of beings.  I am not in the Universe, I AM the universe.

Lori Frazer
Lincolnville, Maine (US)


I am “starstruck” by Brian Swimme and it was AWESOME to be able to ask him a question – that session made me realise how we are all, through this course, leading-edge pioneers finding new language, blazing new trails and teaching as we learn.

Jennifer’s session was beyond amazing!!!!  For the first time in this lifetime I felt connected to the Universe in such a profound way.  I am Inspired by where I come from within the story of our Universe.  I feel a Connection from my cells to the first hydrogen atoms in the emptiness of the 14 billion-year-old Universe.  That’s HUGE and Inspiring!!  Thank you, Jennifer!

Cliff Berrien’s presentation about social justice and inclusivity was eye-opening.  I felt a mixture of embarrassment and ignorance and the sense of how much I still have to/need to/get to learn. I’ve always thought of myself as an out-of-the-box, inclusive BE-ing who looks at different perspectives – apparently, I wasn’t as open-minded as I thought, and since that session, I’ve been aware of the influencing factors of my perceptions and thoughts.

To watch a video of Haseena’s recorded comment, click here!

Haseena Patel
Newcastle, South Africa


I was relatively new to the Deeptime Network, sick and stressed out when I joined the class, feeling old and tired, afraid of my own shadow so to speak. I signed up for the class in hopes of learning more about cosmology, one of favorite topics.  But I’ve come away with so much more than understanding the Big Bang!  I found a home, as new doors opened at every turn.

The more I learned the more I realized that my fears and obstacles were dissolving. In my Pod group I lost my shyness as I got to know them as family. They were affirming and encouraged me to speak my mind.  As a result, I have more confidence and will continue rooting for Deeptime Perspectives and this Network in general as a source of wisdom no matter what the age.

Viola Olsen
Central Point, OR (US)


The speakers were excellent and the opportunity to share in breakout groups helped to clarify and enrich the presentations.

I have acquired new information as well as new techniques for incorporating the universe story into my teacher training programs, retreats and other presentations.

Caroljean (Cj) Willie
Cincinnati, Ohio (US)


It was hard for me to tell the cosmic story in a heartfelt way. Voicing my struggle to community members and listening to their feedback has really helped me gain confidence.

Sarbmeet Kanwal
Holmdel, NJ (US)


The Foundation that I’m working with helps farmers in rural Philippines improve their livelihoods and at the same time protect their natural resources.  But we had the same outlook as our farmers – we all considered the physical environment as resources and should be well cared for.  Now I realize that the Foundation failed to point out the sacredness of soil, water, trees, wind and all of nature. We failed to see our kinship  with them.

I am 79 years old. My husband and I run the Soil and Water Conservation Foundation (SWCF) since its start in 1988. Our foundation’s’ vision is:  “When a country loses its forest, SWCF assists people and communities restore that soul.”  I was thinking of retiring from the Foundation work but DTL has changed that.  I am now fired up to start an education campaign within our project communities.  We also submitted a concept paper to a funding agency to assist the local dioceses lift up the ecological ministries in their parishes.  This will be our first time to partner with the church,  that is if we get the ok from the funding agency.

Aida M. Granert
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines


I’ve been very disturbed by the issues in the world and specifically in our country.  Being in a class with others and working on my project has been very helpful.

Nancy Cosgriff
Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota (US)


We are all leaders in various ways and the powers of the universe will guide us to enter into this astonishing cosmic evolutionary dance.

I learned how to see and appreciate the reality through the big picture and the interconnected relationships in nature where we belong. I feel grateful for the beauty of our group which is very supportive, and show how much as humans we can connect and find a common ground in our cosmic journey. We are ONE!

Odile Courier
El Paso, Texas (US)


The lectures were always uplifting and inspiring, helping me to look at life with awe and wonder, and apply Deeptime Leadership principles, when facing obstacles or problems.

Kenneth Miller
Trenton, NJ (US)


The program, itself, is an evolutionary process.  It’s like taking a journey through the cosmos with immensely creative guides and processes.  The multi-dimensional approaches enliven the program.

I experienced Yona Frenchhawk’s presentation as a rite of passage.

I’m the tip of the evolving universe.

Lisa Verni
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ (US)


I feel the urgency of sharing the deeptime perspective. It has become a great challenge and responsibility in face of the enormous level of destruction we face today: global warming and its consequences, war, conflicts, armament race and trait of nuclear war, and covid 19.

Deeptime is a story of hope in action, a sacred story about the dignity of all forms of life. Knowing from where life on earth originates is something so superb, meaningful and joyful. It is a revelation giving coherence to our thinking, feeling and direction. It calls for gratitude.

Francois Bosteels
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


I love how the course confronted/included dissonance instead of avoiding, glossing over or glamorizing it.

The DTLP–through its ideas, information, and community–offers  an antidote to the fear, violence, and destruction permeating the world today.

My sense of connectedness with the universe and others has increased, along with a deep sense of meaningfulness. I feel a new sense of belonging.

The direction of the course is empowering. I love that by asking participants to create their own deeptime story, you facilitate them to experience it in a deep, personal, holistic way instead of intellectually like in other courses. Thank you for this amazing learning experience and community!!!

Imogene Drummond
Garrison, New York (US)


The breakout groups were a good time to interact with one another, learn from each other and created a ONENESS and community.

The learnings and added insights in the course have empowered me to be confident with what I am doing and creating new modules in my work.  They have encouraged me to discover the more  “creative possibilities”  that are within me.

Sr. Mary Anne Bellosillo
Villasis, Pangasinan, Philippines


I feel as if I am closer to the ground, listening and being led/ being taught.

Orla Hazra
Sarasota, Florida (US)


Receiving input from so many people in different fields was especially helpful.

Thank you for all the work in designing this course with all its wonderful learnings.  I loved it all.

I have grown in the belief that I have all that is needed to help create the ecozoic world that Thomas Berry envisioned and even obstacles give me the opportunity to find the way.  Through working on a “project” while participating in this program I have been empowered to  continue to use my gifts knowing that all my relationships are helping me along the way.

Jeanne Clark
West Islip, New York (US)


It has helped me recommit to action when I thought my days for active involvement were over. I found some of the older people on the program really inspiring and encouraging.

Patricia Powell
South Bathurst, NSW, Australia


The continuity to dive week after week in the Deeptime perspective through the past months – this was very powerful.

Corinna Schwerer
Kronberg, Germany


The readings and videos provided were all very rich, and helpful towards my preparation of my project.

M.J. Zimmerman
Albuquerque, New Mexico (US)


There is profound wisdom in the lectures because these are stories and ideas that have been culled from long time work of those who gave the lectures.

The affirmation that everyone  and everything belongs.  That each one has a role, and that one’s role can be found in his/her own individual circumstances.  The BIG IDEA is that “I am, you are, we all are, each one, living and non-living element is a significant PART of the on-going, unfolding flow of CREATIVITY of the WHOLE – that, WE, all of creation, past present, future, are ONE!… in this amazing, exciting, wonderful, sometimes painful, sorrowful, confusing, enlightening, ADVENTURE.

Ma. Victoria Abano
Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines


I had been under the impression that evolution was something that happened to me, that it had its own plan that would sweep me along or cast me aside. But now I understand that evolution is something I help create. What I do matters far beyond  my small circles of preoccupation. I affect the evolution of the universe every minute.This gives much more meaning and consequence to everything I do.

This program has given me a wider context for addressing the global ecological crisis in all my leadership roles: writing, teaching, and leading conversations..The concept of the Universe is a living organism, and that evolution is being created by us and the rest of the universe in each moment offers a way to discuss the crisis more easily to the crisis resistant.

Gail Sofia Ransom
Chestnut Hill, Newton, Massachusetts (US)