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(A Deeptime Experience)

A Free Audio-Only Zoom Event

with astronomer Stephan Martin & meditation teacher Marianne Rowe


This event took place on September 9, 2023.

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Rapport of Sun, Moon, Earth, and all the constellations, What are the messages by you from distant stars to us?

 – Walt Whitman

When was the last time you created the space to contemplate our Sun upon which our very existence depends? Embracing a larger perspective at this time of urgency and global transformation, gives us a new place to reflect on our situation while offering us a new array of possibilities for the future.​ 

For thousands of years, humans have engaged in a contemplative relationship with the universe experienced through the naked eye.

. . . I wander’d off by myself, in the mystical moist night air, and from time to time, looked up in perfect silence at the stars. – Walt Whitman




Engaging this relationship has evoked countless insights, reflections and inspirations across cultures for thousands of years.



Scientific thinking about the universe is not only socially valuable, it’s essential for our culture so we can come together on common ground on the problems we are currently facing as a species. 

Stephan Martin interviewing Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams, Cosmic Conversations

Join an audio-only Zoom call!

    Through an audio-only Zoom call, we simultaneously and collectively contemplate and celebrate the cosmic dynamics of radiance, generosity, and interconnectedness while bathing in the light of the late summer Sun. During this special September event, we’ll bask in the light and warmth of the Sun while reflecting on its many gifts to life on Earth, encouraging us to enter into a new relationship of appreciation for our faithful daytime companion.

For this special event:

We’ll spend time with our nearest star, the Sun, as it shines brightly in our daytime sky, showering us and all life on Earth with its light, warmth, and companionship. 

While the Sun is shining brightly for both the East and West coasts, astronomer and author Stephan Martin (located in North Carolina), along with meditation teacher and psychotherapist Marianne Rowe (located in California), invite you to turn your attention to the radiative generativity and generosity of the Sun as a way of opening the door to an expanded perspective and universe of possibility.  By contemplating our cosmic experience together we deepen our relationship with the Universe, the Sun, the natural world, and each other.  

“We need a spirituality that emerges out of a reality deeper than ourselves…a spirituality born out of the solar system and even out of the heavens beyond the solar system.”

Thomas Berry

Contemplative Cosmology helps us experience four Deeptime Principles

  • Context: Contemplative Cosmology connects us to a cosmogenetic universe.
  • Matrix: Contemplative Cosmology gives us a direct experience of radical relatedness in a participatory universe.
  • Subjectivity (self organization, interiority): Contemplative Cosmology deepens our sense of subjectivity and transformation in a creative universe.
  • Action: Contemplative Cosmology helps us to act whole heartedly within the whole.
Deep Time Video Awards Butterfly, Deeptime Leadership, Personal Empowerment Leadership, Climate change, Evolution Leadership, Big Bang Theory

  “We have a New Story of the Universe. Our own presence to the Universe depends on our human identity with the entire cosmic process.”

Thomas Berry


 Deeptime Leadership, Personal Empowerment Leadership, Climate change, Evolution Leadership, Big Bang Theory

About Stephan Martin

Stephan Martin is an astronomer, educator, author, and Director of the nine-month Deeptime Leadership & Wellbeing Program offered on the Deeptime Network.  He has taught astronomy, physics, and consciousness studies at colleges, universities, and learning centers across the US for over twenty-five years. Between 2003-2008 he studied directly with Brian Swimme and others at the California Institute of Integral Studies, out of which came his first book Cosmic Conversations, in which he held dialogues with scientists, spiritual teachers, and cultural creatives on the nature of the universe and our role in it. Since then he has led workshops on the New Cosmology at seminars and retreat centers across the US and Europe and has been active in exploring multidisciplinary approaches to exploring the universe.  He is currently adjunct faculty in the Consciousness and Transformative Studies graduate program at National University where he teaches a course on “Cosmology and Consciousness.”

 Deeptime Leadership, Personal Empowerment Leadership, Climate change, Evolution Leadership, Big Bang Theory

About Marianne Rowe, MS, LMFT

Marianne Rowe is a Founding Teacher of Monterey Bay Meditation Studio, an Emergent Dialogue facilitator, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Pacific Grove, CA. Her teaching, therapeutic work and leadership focus on healing, transformation and evolution through awareness and relationship — developing Integral consciousness through the physiological, cognitive, emotional, relational and spiritual aspects of being. She is dedicated to catalyzing and cultivating embodiment of a New Story for human beings (inspired by Charles Eisenstein) and playing a conscious role as part of the evolving Universe Story (inspired by Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, and Duane Elgin). Marianne’s passions include inspiring reverence and reciprocity with Earth and Universe, spiritual activism, and conscious relationship with all beings.


What people are saying about the Deeptime Network . . .

" It is so supportive to have a whole community, from around the world, working together to embody and live out a deep connection to the new cosmology in its ethical and spiritual dimensions. We are the Universe emerging. "
- M.J. Zimmerman

" After 20 years of living into the Universe Story, I was reawakened to how truly empowering it is through what is emerging for others on parallel paths from around the globe. "
— Penny Andrews

" If you're seeking a meaningful story that explains our place in our Universe and in Nature, and like-minded global citizens, this course may be your next step on that journey. " - David Morton Rintoul

" Everything I have known in life is being integrated into unifying perspectives and connectedness which come like seeds being nourished from a deep space of love, abundance, and creativity "
— Marides "Madett" Virola-Gardiola, Philippines

Deeptime courses are not just about learning new ideas, they are a way to commune together to help each other spiral upwards to new heights of wisdom and awakening. "
— Sarbmeet Kanwal

" I am co-creating a space for children older than 7 years old and this course has been granting me a deeper understanding of how I want to position myself and act in this space while deep listening to children. " — Joana Benetton, Brazil

" Being around so many talented and confident people has helped me with developing a children’s book for Montessori Sunday school. " — Nancee Cline

It is all and more than I expected – I am not new to the material though have certainly learned and gained new insights into the wonderful planet we call “home”. 

The assignments are doable, interesting, and inviting.  I am enjoying the course very much.

Am loving it. The small groups are wonderful. It is such a marvelous group of participants. The networking is fabulous.  Love the opening and thoughtful reflections.

I look forward to every session.

I had to miss two weeks and was aware there was something missing in my life, so I know I am finding it really useful and challenging.  Also good to make connections.

I am feeling inspired, energized, and more-connected-than ever!  I am also enjoying the arc of the course, the meditations, quote sharing, and especially the content. 

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