Recommended Reading/Viewing Prior to Starting the Course


Here are a few resources that will help prepare you for the course, particularly if you are new to the New Cosmology.  Most important are the first three.


Deeptime Perspective & Principles

This page describes the perspective and principles that will serve as the foundation of the course.  Click here


Journey of the Universe (Movie) hosted by Brian Swimme

Film: Password: whowouldyoube619

You can also read the book by the same title.


Allurement Podcast with Brian Swimme

On this page, you’ll find a series of podcasts, listen to the one about allurement.  Click here


The Universe is a Green Dragon, book by Brian Swimme

This book was published years ago but is a short and wonderful entry point into this work.


Big History: The History of the World in Eighteen Minutes, with David Christian (Youtube video)  Click here


Introduction to the Noosphere, Youtube video hosted by Brian Swimme  Click here


Twelve Understandings Concerning the Ecozoic Era, by Herman Greene      Click here