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Shrouded by Mystery: The First Selfie

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Shrouded by Mystery: The First Selfie

  • Used by people who call the work: New Cosmology, The New Story
  • Applies a deep time evolutionary perspective to: Current Issues, Education, Religion/Spirituality, Science
  • Learning Stages: Adult Education, Higher Education, Lifelong
  • Type: Article, Blog
  • Keywords: Teilhard, Thomas Berry, new universe story, synthesis, cosmology, cosmotheology, selfie, Shroud of Turin, eletromagnetism, electrogravitic, Homo elektor, Jesus, religio-scientific, functional theology, better Christianity, Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Nassim Haramein, physics, quasars, quarks,
  • Why I love this Resource: It celebrates and honors Teilhard and Thomas Berry for laying the foundation for a truly transdisciplinary, trans-religious synthesis in post-modern times.
  • Link to Resource: Click here
  • Posted By: Joe Masterleo
  • Date Added: March 13, 2024
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