The big questions!

May 22,2022

How did I get here? I ask myself as I, a Canadian, prepare to be interviewed by California’s feminist-activist Elaine Holtz? It’s Monday, May 23, 2:20 p.m. EST.

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“What message will I have for women awaiting their U.S. Supreme Court to overturn laws that will lead to an expected 50% of the states banning abortion?” Elaine has assured me she’s not asking me this question because I’m an expert in this or any other field. 

What have I got to say? I ask myself this question realizing I’m presenting on the weekly Co-Creators Convergence Zoom Call Thursday, June 23, 2022, 8-9:30 pm EST. It’s certainly not because I’ve won any creativity awards. 

“What story can I offer the dynamic, open-hearted Barbara Marx Hubbard legacy group dedicated to giving our unique gift to the shift in Humanity?” The question comes from founders Noel Marshall and Bob Warner. 

In a phrase, my answer to all the big questions of life, these days, is Evolutionary Spirituality – that view of Universe as conscious, synergistic and emergent. 

When my partner and I said, “yes!” to the evolutionary forces unleased by the environmental crisis, we found ourselves not only cooperating but co-creating with something larger than the personal, social, religious, or political.  (from Evolutionary Dancer – Out, In, and On the Fringe of the Church pg 56) 

Now life, lived in a context of the 13.8 billion-years-long story, is part of a reality ever dancing toward greater consciousness, complexity, and interdependence. As a result, my answers to the big questions lies in living everyday with an evolutionary spirituality. 

Once upon a time I actually said, ”the last thing the world needs is another book.” In fact, one employer would have said the chances of me being able to write a book were highly improbable. But this sacred dance called evolution has led me out of what was once too narrow a life, beyond the impossible, and into the realm of the probable. It has brought me to this truth – God (AKA creative energy) is not remote from us. It is at the point of my pen, my (pick) shovel, my paint brush, my (sewing) needle – and my heart and thoughts. Teilhard de Chardin 

Sometimes it’s good to ask ourselves the big questions.