We humans, given our growth and impact, have become an equivalent of the geological forces that have shaped the earth over its 4.5 billion year history. Where can we turn for guidance on how to be such a force? To the universe itself, cosmologist Brian Swimme suggests. He discusses ten powers of the universe, modes of action that we can emulate as we move into the vibrant future we desire. This series will explore the wisdom of each, starting with radiance, my favorite, full of fire and heart, power and sweetness.

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  • Applies a deep time evolutionary perspective to: Other (The Universe's teaching on heart-centered relationships.)
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  • Keywords: power of the universe, radiance, heart centered living
  • Why I love this Resource: I love the idea that the universe itself can lead us through the transition we are in the midst of, teaching us how to operate by its own example.
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  • Date Added: October 9, 2018