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Deep Time Education Training Centers

(Please encourage training centers that train teachers in Deep Time Education to join DTJN so we can add them to our list.   Many thanks!)

* Trainers in the DTJN professional development programs.

Houston Montessori Center

Houston, Texas (US)

Betsy Coe, PhD, director*

Montessori Education Center of the Rockies

Merrie King, Director

Montessori Elementary Teacher Training Collaborative (METTC)

Lexington, Massachusetts (US)

Michael Duffy*

D’Neil Duffy*

Montessori Teacher Education Center, San Francisco Bay Area

San Leandro, California

Dr. Pamela Rigg, Director

Ann Rose Gavey*

Linda Aaquist*

Princeton Center Teacher Education (PCTE)

Princeton, New Jersey (US)

Gwen Shangle, Director*

The Institute for Educational Studies (TIES)

Online through Endicott College, Beverly, Massachusetts (US)

Philip Snow Gang (PhD), Director*