A few days ago my fingers hit the keyboard in a principled fervour of claiming personal sovereignty.  It was a moment of my own healing to my next evolutionary level – a cry, a question, an answer, a call to Inspired action, an exposing of my personal shadow.  I feel a sense of responsibility to bring my words and thoughts into the world.  These days, as a certified Deeptime Leader, I feel my responsibility as an expression of the Universe.  My words were in the spirit of moving forward, contributing to the noosphere in the best way I know how.  Here’s what came from my fingertips…and my heart:

There is something wrong in our world right now.  Yes, I know – we can probably all agree that there are a million things that seem to be wrong.  But the overarching shadow is something insidious; something we’d never ordinarily blame.  AGREEMENT.  Passive, unquestioning, intolerant agreement.  When compliance is forced, there is no growth.  There cannot be one acceptable narrative that drives the collective.  If no one is permitted to think or feel anything different, evolution stagnates.  Remember Animal Farm and Nineteen-eighty-four?  There is an implosion when evolution stops.  If you don’t evolve, you will expire.

Bear with me – I’m not all gloom and doom.  The darkness is where the birth of light begins.  The womb is dark, yet it has purpose.  From the space of darkness, we reach for light.  We have begun the journey of evolution.  So where do WE as individuals fit in?  Are we just chess pieces to be moved around at the will of those whom we perceive as the drivers of the controlled narrative?

The collective is made of you and I; WE THE PEOPLE.  Let’s not underestimate us.  When we say NO, a layer of fear is peeled away and other individuals also start saying NO.  In theory, that’s easy but how do we stand up and proudly carry our NO into practical life?

It begins with our thoughts.  We set a deep intention to heal to our next level.

Healing is:

  • Giving voice to
  • UN-defining expectations
  • UN-Becoming the script
  • Claiming sovereignty

Still too esoteric to be applied?

What is one thing you feel so strongly about that you want to shout it from the rooftops?  It doesn’t matter who disagrees with you or even what people think of you.  What would you want to voice so much because it means the world to you?

My rooftop message is for all of us to live out our deepest truth – the truth that comes from inside and feels like alignment.  When you come from that space, you feel the Love and Light you carry within.  I say it’s time to defy the defining, abandon the script and live in sovereignty.

The controlled narrative in the world became the catalyst for my WHY.  It became my opportunity to think…really think.  I moved from participant to observer to change-maker.  I UN-became the script.  I UN-became everything I was ever taught until I was a blank slate of possibility and nothingness.  That’s where my story begins.  I believe each of us has this conscious moment if we allow it.

Then we choose our rooftop and SHOUT our message!  I believe that if we don’t teach our children to honour their own rooftop messages, we will expire instead of evolving.  The future of our world is at stake.  The world will continue to evolve but who we are at our core may not survive it.  Our truth will dissolve into the abyss of un-lived purpose.

All this from the dysfunction of agreement?  Yes.  Because not questioning the status quo can’t lead to progress.  Our ideas will be buried alive.  It’s that dire!

I believe every young person should read the following books:

  • The Giver by Lois Lowry
  • The Wave by Morton Rhue
  • The Children’s Story by James Clavell
  • Animal Farm and Nineteen-eighty-four by George Orwell
  • The Harry Potter series by Jo Rowling

As a collective, we have a history of saying, “Never Again!” until the next “again” happens.  If we presence how the “agains” happen, we will start recognising them, even beyond the facades that host them – the guise of ideals used by those we perceive as the powers that be, to feed the “agreement”.  And if our children presence the “agains”, they will not let us forget.

Healing is stepping up to BE who you are at your core and refusing to be anything less because you’re honouring your BE-ing and your purpose in this lifetime.  You and I may disagree about many things but I honour your right to BE who you are.  It will take WE THE PEOPLE to create the foundation of a peaceful and united world.  I think you and I are up to the task.  I also think the next generations are up to the task.  Wanna find a rooftop?

I finished typing my rooftop message.  I felt the fullness of BE-ing empty; expressed organically on a blank “page”.  And then, days later, after reading my words and readers’ responses to them, a thought suddenly struck me:  What was the Universe’s rooftop message?  For that matter, what was Mother Earth’s rooftop message?

Perhaps the Universe’s rooftop message was and is, EVOLVE!  At the point in the Universe’s story when oxygen was poisonous for certain living organisms, some life-forms evolved to survive, and life continued because these living organisms healed to their next evolutionary level.  The Universe has taught us to claim personal sovereignty even in the darkest of times (quite literally) and the most toxic of times.  From the space of what seems to be despair, the spark of creativity is always kindled.  Species that evolve continue.  Those that don’t, expire.

Mother Earth has continued to carry the Universe’s rooftop message.  Her geosphere and biosphere have evolved.  She has claimed sovereignty, supporting unique life-forms like us.  She has borne the brunt of our noospheric evolution by shifting her way of BE-ing to support life despite human interventions that don’t support the interests of longevity or the interests of all life on our planet. 

My human thinking-brain seems to personify the Universe and Mother Earth.  However, even knowing that human evolution and thoughts about evolution are on a different plane to the concept from a planetary perspective, I hold that the Universe and Mother Earth have contributed to increasing our noosphere too. We human BE-ings take our cue from our planet, the creator and supporter of our lives.  Planetary evolution spurs us towards thoughts about moving forward with new ways of BE-ing, new inventions, evolved life forms.  The Universe and Mother Earth support our noospheric development.

We’re all in Sacred Communion – our Universe, Mother Earth, life on Earth, life beyond Earth.  We are co-creators of growth and evolution.  In an age that exposes the extreme need for social justice, personal and collective sovereignty, and connection with the energy we call Love, it is time for us as human BE-ings to know the Sacred Communion with ALL that IS. It is only through embracing the power of this Communion that we are able to bring in the age of Peace and Unity that we desire.

Separateness is a myth.  Even as we perpetuate the “them-and-us” mentality through our beliefs about gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and daily life choices, we are bathed in our togetherness, like a foolish wave that tries to separate itself from the ocean – the ocean supports the life of the wave and the wave’s movement affects the ocean.  There can be no separation.  What I do to you is what I do to me because the consequences create a ripple that moves me too.  Said more effectively, I AM you and you ARE me.

Even our rooftop messages, although different, are steeped in ONE-ness.  Every rooftop message we have in our eight-billion-strong human population, can be crystalised into a single call to action.  One word.  A verb that applies to every energy form in every part of the Universe’s existence and in every Universe that has ever or will ever exist.  One word.  EVOLVE.