Controversy rears its ugly head in the early days of James Lovelock’s Gaia Theory…or does it?

Scott Gilbert’s been spreading the gospel of developmental symbiosis in many
strange places–including Lithuania, Korea, and China.

Frank Ryan, MD says “I regard Lynn Margulis as my mentor into symbiogenetics. I remain deeply grateful that she helped me to understand symbiogenesis…”

As the President of Sigma Xi, Lynn Margulis penned the three-part Rebel Educator. “We researchers resist this natural tendency; we do not try to “discover” or “scientifically prove” precon-ceived notions, to find what we like to be true. We discount gossip. We disdain common myth. We seek evidence, hard evidence. When doing science we try to avoid the influence of faith-based
Yet all of us who participate in science must share one common faith. We believe that the materialenergetic world is knowable, at least in large part…”

“A new study has highlighted how little is known about microbes – the hidden
majority of life on Earth.”

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