What’s the connection between Deep Time and Depth Psychology?

Well, the word ‘deep’ gives away the answer.

Deep time is the time way before our experience. Most of us can go back to remember our grandparents or great grandparents, but go back 100 years, maybe, but a 1,000 years or a million years we have no ability to do that. Deep time is invisible to our normal senses. To go back to the beginning of Earth or the Universe we need instruments like telescopes and microscopes to amplify our senses.

Depth psychology explores the invisible part of our minds, the vast world of the unconscious deep far back in our psyche. Instruments in the form of symbols percolate to the surface conscious awareness through the vehicle of mythology and dreams to reveal the energies moving our lives.

The foundation of our physical life is the story of evolution. The foundation of our thinking life is the unconscious. To bring about a regenerative future for all life on earth we must integrate the body and the mind to create a new story that creates a living future for all life. Take a look at Jeffrey Kiehl’s book, Facing Climate Change – An Integral Path to the Future and take the Deep Time Walk using your smartphone, details at deeptimewalk.org.