Is a virus opening the way to an Ecozoic Era? 


Could the challenges we’re facing at this time be feedback from the universe that a new vision of the human is needed, one that includes all people, and resonates with the dynamics of the universe and the Earth community?  How are we to make sense of the seismic shift in the nature of the human presence on the planet?

One approach to the challenges of this time is, as Thomas Berry says, to reinvent ourselves in a way that enables us to live with mutually enhancing relationships….not just with humans but with our Earth—so that our activities actually enhance the world around us.  Thomas Berry suggested the name “Ecozoic” to define the emerging era where humans have transitioned from the destructive industrial dream of consumption and materialism to becoming a sustainable and mutually-enhancing part of the life systems of the planet. He considered the successful emergence of the Ecozoic Era as the Great Work of our time.

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