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Date: November 9, 2020
Time: 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm
Sponsor: The Universe Story Calendar Initiative
Website: http://www.theuniversestorycalendar.org
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Home Zoom, 202 West Sunset Street, Sonora, California, United States


4TH ANNUAL FLARING FORTH CELEBRATION! Join John Grim, Brian Thomas Swimme, Elizabeth McAnally and host Thomas Spiritbringer on Monday/Moonday, Nov/NationScience 9, 2020 CE from 5-6:15pm Pacific Standard Time (PST for USA and Canada) as we virtually zoom in to welcome another year of telling The Universe Story to the human family! Click here to register: Register Here
This year we are focusing in on hearing the relationship John Grim had with Thomas Berry during the so-called “Golden Year” of 1977-1978 CE when John lived with Thomas Berry at the Riverdale Center for Religious Research while doing his Ph.D on comparative shamanisms and healing practices. Did Thomas share with John about the New Story essay he released in 1978 CE that would lead to The Universe Story book in 1992 CE? We will hear from John about this “Golden Year.”
After meeting Brian Swimme, Thomas Berry invited Brian to work on The Universe Story process and book with him. This led to a ten year process from 1982-92CE, of writing, research, conversations, and symposiums with experts from around the world in many interdisciplinary sciences, arts, and humanities. John Grim was also part of these symposiums. What was this process of creating The Universe Story like?
Please join moderators Elizabeth McAnally, author of Loving Water across Religions and host Thomas Spiritbringer of The Universe Story Calendar Initiative for this annual gathering for the three anniversaries of: Thomas Berry’s birth on 11/9/1914CE, The Universe Story books release on 11/9/1992CE, and The Universe Story Calendars promulgation on 11/9/2017CE! Our new 2021ce The Universe Story Calendars will be available on line on the 4th Anniversary date!!
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Event Posted by: Thomas R Spiritbringer