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Date: August 10, 2020 - August 15, 2020
Time: All Day
Sponsor: Pilgrim – Wandering Universitry of Nature
Website: http://potulnauniverzita.cz/
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Eco-Centre Rychleby, Javornik, Javorník, , Czech Republic


In the course of workshop we will particularly learn about following three concepts of cultural
transformation – the vision of ecozoic era and „The great work“ of Thomas Berry, vision of culture and
politics of aliveness (and erotic ecology) of German philosopher and biologist Andreas Weber and the
praxis of ontopoetics created by Australian ecophilosopher Freya Mathews, originating from her philosophy
of panpsychism. We will also touch upon the epic of evolution and the vision of living cosmos – Stephan
Martin –, the Gaia Hypothesis, the re-enchantment of everyday life (Thomas Moore) and imaginative
ecology. Together we will investigate burning questions of ecological ethics, commons, regenerative
agriculture and other options of forming the regenerative culture (Johannes Heimrath, Lara Mallien,
Jaromír Bláha, Jan Piňos, Alena Malíková and others).

During excursions into natural surroundings we will try to develop contemplative sensory
participation and communication with the living world around us – with animals and birds, plants and trees,
meadows and woods, stones and rocks, creeks and rivers, sky and stars, the Sun and the Earth, the Moon and
the Milky Way, with air and water, light and gravity – in order to deepen our ability to identify ourselves with
all life. For that purpose we will make use of pilgrimage, Deep Time Walk, meditation, dance, singing,
councils, rituals, language of myth and archetypes. The main inspiration will nevertheless be taken from
poetry as one of the forms of „loving attention“ praxis. We will be developing poetic perception and try to
see the world more poetically.

Event Posted by: Stephan Martin