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Date: April 11, 2021 - December 12, 2021
Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Sponsor: Monterey Bay Meditation Studio
Website: http://www.montereybaymeditation.com
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Online, 680 Lighthouse Ave., Pacific Grove, CA, United States


Being Outdoors: Sensing the Sacred” is a unique, experiential, online program and community that focuses on cultivating reverent and reciprocal relationship with Earth and all living beings. Participants engage in a sequenced series of Invitations designed to catalyze and cultivate embodiment of deep sense of belonging and consciousness of Interbeing. Twice a month on Zoom, we gather for a Community Call of sharing, meditation, and relational practices. Resource materials (books, films, articles, etc.) are offered to support the experiential foundation through science and the arts.

Participants who register before May 15 are invited to complete 2 surveys as part of a research project conducted by the Institute of Noetic Sciences Discovery Lab — the largest study ever conducted on how transformative practices and experiences influence well-being, creativity, intuition, and extraordinary human capacities, greatly accelerating humanity’s potential to access noetics in their lives.

Offered by Monterey Bay Meditation Studio, the first Community Call of the 8-month journey happens on Sunday, April 11, 10:30-Noon. You can join anytime through October; and, of course, the longer your participation, the deeper the impact.
“Being Outdoors: Sensing the Sacred” is offered in the spirit of Gift Economy.

From a participant in last year’s journey:
“The course has enriched my life so much as a wake-up call to what is always all around us as well as inside of us.” — Louise K.

More Info and Registration is HERE.

Event Posted by: Marianne Rowe