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Date: August 21, 2021 - August 27, 2021
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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The possibility of moving gracefully within the tactile realm.
Also the ability to touch without hands.
The knowledge of skin as a porous, penetrable matter, which can be infiltrated with words,
gestures and thoughts.
The careful use of such knowledge.
The capacity to predict whether one wants to be caressed, stroked, kneaded, embraced or
left alone.
Can be, but not exclusively, one’s aptitude to make words feel like massages.
~Claire Lefèvre
What are you sensing in your body right now?
Do you ever create a proper space to listen to your body and explore its movements and force?
How does it feel to inhabit the body from the imposed and violent constraints of narratives, judgments and policies?
How to create a safe/brave space of interconnected liberation to experience inner wisdom, sensibility and intimacy?
How do you tap into the powerful wisdom of your body and the body of the Earth?
The pandemic has shown us now, more than ever, is the time for us to reclaim our choices about our bodies, wellbeing and relationships and tuning into our body’s wisdom is one of the paths towards that.
To reconnect with the body is to enliven the wisdom of the experience. The normativity of the current system of oppression has taught us to judge the body and classify it in sizes and shapes, motivational phrases and even spiritual paths, generalizing people and their processes and alienating too many from their own source of deep communion with the movement of life.
Now more than ever, confined into the screen world, it is essential that we challenge this normativity and to inhabit our body awakening consciousness with kindness, patience and care as a practice of self-understanding, learning to relate and communicate in a way that regenerates our severed connection with the body of the Earth.
This journey is an opportunity to explore ways of traveling in and out of the flesh, in beats and sweat, in breath and calm, in rhythm and movement, visiting different projects and approaches virtually to co-create a space for the recognition of the wisdom of our body, attuning to what we are and not what the imposed normativity wants us to be.
Welcome to this journey in which your body wisdom will be the host and guide, supported by seven innovative projects of brilliant body practitioners and the bodies-territories where they dwell, in India, Chile, Portugal, UK, Mexico and Brazil.
Learning Revolution!!!
Vimukt Shiksha Yatra collective and Enlivened Cooperative, in collaboration with the Ecoversities Alliance invites you to the Body Wisdom Planetary Yatra, a virtual learning journey
We welcome you to be part of this exciting 7-day journey of learning and unlearning, collective dreaming and movement, reclaiming and re-imagining the body wisdom in higher education.
This learning journey is designed with an intention to inspire ideas, learnings and collaborations towards re-imagining the possibilities of body wisdom in higher education.
It will support you to reflect on the roots of education. It is a platform of encounter to weave different threads of embodied knowledge in the field of learning around the world.
What we will do.
We will meet online every day for 7 days for 2 hours.
We will visit a different project every session, have videos, Q&A, reflection, and practices.
For connection after sessions, we will use a platform to share our learnings, questions, proposals and do real-time communication with each other.
Dates: August 21st -27th, 2021
Time: 10am-12pm ET (7:30 pm-9:30 pm IST)

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If you have any queries or questions feel free to write to us at [email protected] or whatsapp at +919958311401

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