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Date: August 7, 2019 - August 11, 2019
Time: 12:00 am
Website: https://animas.org/events/coming-home-to-an-animate-world-a-way-of-ceremony-and-celebration-august-2019/
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Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center, 8941 Overland Rd, Ward, CO, United States


Coming Home to an Animate World: A Way of Ceremony and Conversation is one of our most exhilarating and imagination-expanding intensives, and it’s foundational to all the work we do at Animas. Think of this intensive as a green doorway, an opening to a wilder consciousness shaped by forest and owls, clouds, cliff and dreams — a passage from a lifeless universe to a cosmos breathing with mystery and invitation, singing and crying in a jillion tongues. Come gather with other Earth lovers, forest whisperers, and visionary coyotes to honor the Others with ceremony and conversation.

When we address the beings of the world as if all are alive, intelligent and suffused with psyche, our lives shimmer with profound richness, depth and mystery. When we engage in conversations with sacred Others – whom we might know as stone, river, owl or pinyon, or as a figure from a dream, or as soul, anima, beloved or muse, or simply as world – we dip into the deep stream of our life: the soulful, mythopoetic story that flows beneath the surface of everyday consciousness.

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Event Posted by: Mohit Sharma