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Date: August 29, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Sponsor: Deeptime Network
Website: https://dtnetwork.org/
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Deeptime Network, 249 Mt. Lucas Rd., PRINCETON, NJ, United States


Live Lecture and Q&A with Dr. Michael Dorer
7:00 PM EST: Thursday August 29th
Levels:  All     CPD Hours: 4

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This webinar is an inspiring introduction to a Montessori Cosmic Themes that unfold developmentally starting at birth and throughout life.   Five cosmic themes unfold developmentally throughout life — universe, earth, humans, communication, and math — and help us to discover our Cosmic Gifts and Tasks (Montessori) and our Great Work (Thomas Berry).  The themes can viewed as a nested egg, with theme nested inside the theme that comes before.  Dr. Dorer will give an overview of planes of development: experiencing the world through the senses (0 to 6), learning the Great Lessons and how they introduce the five Cosmic Themes (6 – 12), seeing ourselves in the Great Stories (12 – 18), and exploring our cosmic gifts and tasks inside the Cosmic Story.  Maria Montessori focused on the first four planes of development, but the Cosmic Themes and human development continue to unfold throughout life.  We’ll explore later stages in life as well in this webinar.

A combination of overview, inspiration, and how to — particularly for teachers, parents and grandparents, but also for everyone who wants to connect their lives to the larger context of an evolving universe — this webinar is ultimately about meaning, purpose, and engaging fully at every single stage in life inside an evolving universe, and nurturing engagement in our students, children, grandchildren, and others around us.

*AMS approved continuing professional development hour.  Our certificates are recognized by many schools.  Check with your supervisor to see if these courses meet your requirements.


Who is this for?

Teachers, parents, grandparents, and anyone interested in understanding the stages of human development and how we orient to a cosmic and deeptime perspective.


In This Webinar, You Will:

  • Be introduced to planes of development and how they relate to understanding/loving the universe.
  • Be inspired to orient your life, teaching, parenting, and more to these themes and the universe as an all compassing context.
  • See how learning, living, teaching, and parenting becomes easier and deeply engaging inside of the Cosmic Story.


Recommended Reading

Maria Montessori’s Cosmic Vision, Cosmic Plan, and Cosmic Education, by Camillo Grazzini



BIO:  Michael Dorer, PhD  holds several Montessori credentials, was trained internationally, and has taught students from age 2 to 14. He has been involved in Montessori education for over 45 years, including two decades of educating adults to be Montessorians.

Michael holds multiple degrees including Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) from Argosy University. After 25 years as Director of Montessori education at St. Catherine University, he went on in 2012 to found a graduate level Montessori program at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah called “The Institute for Montessori Innovation”. In addition, since his rediscovery of storytelling as an adult, Michael has pursued the craft with appetite and delights in offering his stories and insights to both children and adults.

Michael’s new book, Unhatching the Cosmic Egg, will be published this fall.  For more information visit Montessori Services by clicking here.




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