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Date: April 26, 2022 - May 17, 2022
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Sponsor: Unity of Charlottesville
Website: https://www.unitycharlottesville.org/news/creation-spirituality-on-the-labyrinth-workshop
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online through Unity of Charlottesville’s Love University, 2825 Hydraulic Circle, Charlottesville, Virginia, United States


With Mary Ann Wamhoff
Veriditas Advanced Accredited Labyrinth Facilitator

Creation Spirituality postulates that divinity permeates all things, yet the sum of all things does not fully encompass the mystery of the divine. In this context, the spiritual journey can be understood as a dance moving in and out of four mystical paths:

  •   VIA POSITIVA: The path of awe, delight, gratitude, joy
  •  VIA NEGATIVA: The path of uncertainty, darkness, suffering, letting go
  •  VIA CREATIVA: The path of birthing, creativity, passion
  • VIA TRANSFORMATIVA: The path of justice, healing, celebration, rebirth, resurrection


In this online workshop, you will learn about Creation Spirituality and how it can be used to deepen the spiritual practice of walking the sacred geometry of the labyrinth. We will include writing exercises and breakout room discussions so you’ll want to have a hand-held or paper labyrinth nearby.


April 26           Introduction and Via Positiva—Surrounding the labyrinth

May 3              Via Negativa—Entering the labyrinth

May 10            Via Creativa—Being in the center of the labyrinth

May 17            Via Transformativa—Returning–and virtual hand-held walk


Go to www.unitycharlottesville.org

The suggested donation is $50.00, but no one will be turned away.
100% of the proceeds will go to The Shalom Labyrinth fund for its resealing.

Contact [email protected] if you have questions.


About Mary Ann Wamhoff, M.A.Ed., M.A. TESL

Veriditas Advanced Accredited Labyrinth Facilitator, Member, Veriditas Council, Member, Veriditas International Association of ProfessionallyTrained Labyrinth Facilitators, Member, Veriditas Inclusion Initiative, Member, The Labyrinth Society

Board Member, Labyrinth Resource Group of Santa Fe, Accredited T’ai Chi Chih Teacher, Reiki Master Healer and Teacher, also was Nationally Certified in Bodywork and Therapeutic

Massage and a union musician

Event Posted by: Mary Ann Wamhoff