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Date: June 19, 2021
Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Sponsor: Monterey Bay Meditation Studio
Website: http://www.montereybaymeditation.com
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Online, 680 Lighthouse Ave., Pacific Grove, CA, United States


Evolutionary Conversations: Practicing Emergent Dialogue about What is Emerging offers a monthly opportunity to co-create and practice Emergent Dialogue as we explore possibilities for cultivating a New Story of being together in the world. The dialogue begins each month with an Opening Question. Once conversation has begun, respect for what wants to emerge is held by participants’ willingness to voice and follow what arises in the field, while practicing deep listening and mindful speaking.

Emergent Dialogue is a form of inquiry that engages individuals and the collective field. With recognition that the whole holds more than the individual parts, we bring attention and intention to the relational space that we are co-creating. As consciousness of the individual perspective is maintained and transcended, we can access a field of co-conscious creativity. From this space, ideas and solutions emerge that were not previously known or considered.

These sessions are offered by Monterey Bay Meditation Studio and facilitated by Marianne Rowe.

Event Posted by: Marianne Rowe