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Date: January 17, 2023
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Sponsor: Guild for Spiritual Guidance
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Deep Time Member Carol Kilby, author of Evolutionary Dancer: Out, In, and on the Fringe of the Church, will present this first course of the new year as part of the Engaged Wisdom program of the Guild for Spiritual Guidance (see Carol notes that this evolutionary moment calls for the rewilding of our story! The stories of nationhood, religion, and culture have separated us from our larger selves and our relationship to the universe and the earth.

In this time of planetary crisis, it is time for an exodus, time for a new story. Inspired by Sadie Allen Moon’s observation that Jung saw the source of every society’s renewal in individuals whenever they navigate beyond the walls of their culture and bring back to it some novel insight for the collective’s development, the course will investigate how evolutionary rituals, personal practices, and rites of passages can ground our story in the ways of cosmos and nature empowering us to consciously and positively step into the earth’s dance of transformation.

In addition, participants will discover evolutionary rituals that draw on climate science, new cosmology, ecology, and an evolutionary spirituality that re-member our wild and wonder-full selves. Through rewilding our stories, rituals, and selves in the dance of becoming, individuals who contribute to the evolution of the collective.

The course is sponsored by the Guild for Spiritual Guidance and is open to all.  The fee is $30.

Event Posted by: Brian Tucker