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Date: October 23, 2017 - October 27, 2017
Time: All Day
Sponsor: Fox Institute of Creation Spirituality
Website: https://www.foxinstitute-cs.org
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Fox Institute of Creation Spirituality, 1120 1/2 Pine Street, Boulder, Colorado, United States


The five-day seminar will be the Story of the Universe, Earth, and humans, including the science, the history, yes, but more importantly, the meaning of the Story.  This meaning is shrouded by our current cosmology.  For most of us it takes time, knowledge, and interest to peer behind our current cosmology for as a fish would be the last to discover water, we find it difficult to shed years, decades, centuries, even eons of hidden cosmological assumptions about the Universe, Earth, life, other humans, and ourselves.

This seminar will be an awakening for some, an encouragement for others, and fun for all.  The fun will come not only during the seminar, but also during other parts of the week-long intensive wherein each day starts with some version of body prayer followed by the seminar.  Afternoons provide the time and structure to integrate the seminar material through art, meditation, dance, poetry, Tai Chi, writing ending with a process group.

Following is a typical day/week at FICS:

8:30-9:15am Announcements and Body Prayer
9:30am-12:30pm Seminar
12:30-2pm Lunch and Community time
2-4:30pm Art as Meditation
4:45-6pm Process Group (Monday–Thursday)

From the FICS website:

“The Fox Institute is unique in offering degree programs that are creation-centered and are committed to integrating faith and science. FICS is grounded in the wisdom traditions and spiritual practices of all religious traditions and fosters bold, imaginative, creative leadership for justice and peace for all living beings.”

“The FICS pedagogy is holistic—engaging mind, body and spirit—and the invigorating curriculum is an innovative arena for interspirituality, ecological justice and radical, prophetic leadership in our broken world.”

“Our approach to education challenges the dominant left-brained Western education model—one that defines truth as “clear and distinct ideas” (Descartes) and therefore as left brain or rationality exclusively. Instead, it integrates “art as meditation” and body prayer as essential parts of the learning process, thus bringing in the right brain or intuition/mysticism along with the body and mind, into balance.”



Event Posted by: Lawrence Edwards