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Date: May 22, 2020 - May 24, 2020
Time: All Day
Sponsor: Genesis Spiritual Life Center
Website: https://cosmicconversations.weebly.com/lectures-stargazing-and-classes.html
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Genesis Spiritual Life Center, 53 Mill St, Westfield, MA, United States


The results from modern science indicate that we live in a universe far richer and more wonderful than anything we could have ever imagined. These insights into the deeper nature of the cosmos have the power to transform our spirituality and our lives and re-envision ourselves as living expressions of a sacred evolving universe.

Far from being either a random accident or a preplanned blueprint, the universe is a creative, generative, and dynamic process expressing itself in lives in every moment. Viewing ourselves and the world around us through the lens of cosmic process helps us to relax more deeply into ourselves and appreciate our participation in—and contribution to—the richness, elegance, and beauty of the universe. Understanding the nature of these cosmic dynamics and how to align with them can also help guide us through the immense transformations and changes currently occurring in our world, allowing us to live lives of inspiration, creativity, and fulfillment for the benefit of others and the whole.

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Stephan Martin is an astronomer, educator, and author who has taught astronomy, physics, and consciousness studies at colleges, universities, and learning centers across the US for over twenty-five years. He is currently adjunct faculty in the Consciousness and Transformative Studies program at John F Kennedy University and also co-director of the continuing care program at the Center for Spiritual Emergence in Asheville, NC where he assists clients in living more conscious lives from an expansive perspective. Steve frequently offers experiential workshops on stargazing, astronomy and personal transformation at observatories, learning centers, and other popular venues around the world.

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