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Date: May 23, 2023 - June 20, 2023
Time: 12:00 am
Sponsor: Programs in Earth Literacies
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Towards an Earth-Centred Subjectivity
A 4-week program in Somatic Education for Earthlings focussing on Brian Swimme’s Powers of the Universe including Radiance, Synergy, Interrelatedness & Transmutation
with Cassandra Wells, Ph.D.

It is clear that we are living at a time when Earth and the systems it has evolved to sustain life are in decline due to the influence of extractive and accumulative human cultures. At the core of these cultures is the modern view of humanity as separate from and more evolved than Earth and other creatures arising from it. This myth of separation forms the basis for the only world most Western people have known; a world in which human culture has transcended nature, and nature has been demoted to the status of resource, commodity, or property. This relation to Earth is not only cultural, in that our societies are organized around it, but also embodied, in that we live with a somatic sense of separation, rather than connection, with Earth and ‘the environment’ in our everyday lives. In order to live within the web of life on Earth, an embodied sense of connectedness with Earth is needed.

Event Posted by: Gertie Jocksch