DTJN members like Carolyn Baker have written about the importance of conscious grieving. I often feel the need of it. After writing two blogs about extinction, I wrote a prayer/ritual that includes affirmations of our place in the Universe Story as well as reasons to grieve extinctions, reasons for hope, and action suggestions. It touches head and heart. Users are welcome to modify the prayer in any way. Because the blog version requires many pages to print, I’ve included a “click here” for a two-page version..

  • Applies a deep time evolutionary perspective to: Ecology/Sustainability
  • Learning Stages: Lifelong
  • Type: Ritual, Website
  • Keywords: grieving, extinction, prayer
  • Why I love this Resource: Judging from responses, it fills a need and deepens awareness of current crises.
  • Link to Resource: Click here
  • Posted By: Terri MacKenzie
  • Date Added: July 14, 2014