13.8 Billion years ago the Universe birthed the element of our beginnings – hydrogen. Then came Helium, Lithium, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen…and the birthing continued.

Conditions were perfect for Mother Earth to come into BE-ing.  The macrocosm duplicated itself in the microcosm – our planet birthed rock formations from the first elements. The biosphere of Earth came to life.  Plants created food from the gifts of Mother Earth.  Our Mother birthed US – her human component. The birth was a natural progression; the next step of evolution.

The question we get to ask as a collective is:  What will WE birth?

We are receptacles; we are the receivers.  As the human collective, we receive the ongoing energy, nurturing, and physical nourishment from Mama Gaia.  More than that, like our Mother, we are a vessel of duplication.  We birth the next generation of humans.  On a more subtle level, we birth potential.

We are the mechanisms of evolution – creating new ideas, thoughts and perspectives of value -bringing forth a 3-D reality that supports our human global community and our non-human global community.  We have the opportunity to increase the potential of our geosphere, biosphere and noosphere.  That is our power and our privilege.  Some of us may see it as our responsibility.  It may be the answer to our question, “How may I serve?”

Some of us…yes.  We become a new level of microcosm as individuals.  As individuals we each have our own deepest intention and greatest purpose that nourishes our Souls.  Each of us is a receptacle, receiver, vessel of duplication, nourisher and nourishment.  We are the birthing process personified. The question you and I get to ask as conscious individuals is: “What will I birth?”  And the questions that follow:

  • What is my deepest intention?
  • What is my greatest purpose?
  • In what way have I been Mother Earth’s receptacle?
  • What have I received from Mother Earth (receiving means that you have the capacity to accept the gift and consciously use it)?
  • How am I a vessel of duplication?
  • In what way do I choose to BE a nourisher?
  • In what way do I choose to BE the nourishment?

I challenge you to ask the above questions.  As conscious BE-ings, we crave Love, the growth of the Light within, harmonious unity and peace.  I do not pretend to speak for you.  Perhaps you have other cravings.  If you resonate with my message, however, your answers to the above questions will corroborate this.  Your answers will determine your individual birthing process.

Birthing means creation.  Creation means growth.  Growth can mean evolution, or, depending on what we choose, growth can eventually mean death.  If you don’t evolve, you will expire.  As a conscious BE-ing, I choose life.  I choose growth.  I choose evolution.  I choose the birthing process as a beginning.  Perhaps you do too.

For me, the process of “Healing to –” is evolution.  Healing is a natural life process.  It is not the righting of a wrong or the undoing of a deed.  Healing is an evolution to the next level.  It happens constantly.   It is becoming.  In the present version of our world, I believe the ultimate becoming is the UN-Becoming of who you are not.  It is in the UN-layering of indoctrination, the UN-Becoming, that we are able to stand naked as Souls.

In this state, the eight questions above contain the seeds of the answers resonant with our deepest truths.  Through our answers and Inspired action, we are able to exercise our power and privilege of increasing the potential of our geosphere, biosphere and noosphere.  Our individual birthing processes become our gifts to the Mother that birthed us.

“Healing to –” has a mind, body and Spirit/Soul component.  We’re now looking at a magnified microcosmic level of the Universe’s birthing process and functioning; we are expressions of the Universe.  We are the Universe’s creativity in process – let’s go there:

We birth our cells, the building blocks of our bodies.  Their health is determined by the nourishment we give them.  We are their sustainers and their sustenance. We are the receptacles of their nourishment.  We are the receivers of their potential.  We are the expressions of their gifts.  When our cells heal to their next level, they nurture us; they protect us, their whole; they defend us; they contribute to who we are in body and mind. Our bodies are constantly “Healing to –”, getting us to our next physical evolutionary level.  We decide what physical nourishment to put into our bodies to aid the evolution.  It’s our choice. We create the “Healing to –”.

Our minds are the decision-makers; the creators of the “Healing to –”.  If the collective mind determines the evolution of our planet and Universe, the individual mind contributes to creating the collective mind.  In other words, the adage applies:  “If it is to BE, it’s up to me.”  It is our minds that make the decision about how to nourish our bodies, and in turn, the cells of our bodies become the fuel for our power of thought.

The mind is the receptacle of the thoughts we allow in.  It is the receiver of the evolving thought-process that will eventually create our evolution or our expiration as a species.  The mind is the vessel of previously-unthought-of duplication – so many engineering designs are based on the creativity inspired by our own thoughts about the structure of our bodies.  For example, think about the ball and socket joints that contribute to our physical structure and movement – that mechanism has now become part of the world we’ve created.

It is through the mind that the UN-layering of indoctrination, the UN-Becoming, takes place – the space where we are able to stand naked as Souls.  For me, this is the most important “Healing to –”.

It is here that the Spirit component of “Healing to –” begins.  One feels Connected to something greater – call it Spirit, Source, God within, Higher Self, your heart, your centre, Universe, Universal Energy.  This is the space where the things people call miracles live.  Physical healings take place in a way that is beyond the healing created within the physical body alone.  People tap in to their Divinity – they are able to see angels, Otherworldly BE-ings, orbs, auras.  People tap into their clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience. Intuition and Divine Guidance (or heart guidance – define the above according to your individual belief system).  In this beautiful space, we feel the communion with all that is, especially with nature, Mother Earth and our Universe.  There is no separateness.  It is the space of Love, the growth of the Light within, harmonious unity and peace.  Inner peace begets collective peace.

The heart of my message is that as conscious BE-ings exercising our power and privilege of increasing the potential of our geosphere, biosphere and noosphere, our greatest act of leadership is the “Healing to –” of our own BE-ings.  This is how we nourish our evolution rather than our expiration.  With our mind-body-spirit “Healing to –”, we are in the space of our greatest sense of self-worth – what I call our Rebirth Zone.  Here we are creative, productive, filled with energy and in-the-zone.  “Healing to –” is my answer to the questions:  “How may I serve?” and “what will I birth?”

Standing in the space where our self-worth is nourished, you and I are able to birth our deepest intentions and greatest purposes into reality.  Our greatest act of leadership then is the birthplace of:

I AM not alone.

I AM a valued component of the whole.

I come from strong stock – I AM an expression of the Universe and I was birthed by Mother Earth herself.

I have a place at the table.

My strength is in my individuality.

I AM the Universe – birthed, expressed, diversified, differentiated.

I AM a gift to Mama Gaia and the Universe.

I AM valued.

My contribution matters.

I AM the nourisher and the nourishment.


When we hold this mind-body-spirit state within us, we’re nourishing ourselves at microcosm level.  We’re gifting Mother Earth with our presence and expressing our Universe in all her glory. We feel called to Inspired action as our next step.  As a collective, we create the next evolutionary level and become a valued part of it.

* Photo by Dr. Tom Acklin

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