with Maria Teresita Rapadas


[Tess Rapadas, a student in the Deeptime Leadership & Wellbeing Program created this story for a Deeptime Storytelling assignment]

Hello, everyone,

I chose to record this in the early quiet morning. Can’t remember how many attempts I took before I was finally able to sing the song till the end. There were mistakes, voice cracking, some glitches. Had to endure ant and mosquito bites and to resist some distractions including crawling insects. At one point of frustration, Mighty Moss whispered behind me: “Come on, human, you can do it. Remember, you’re telling my story. You are moss: grounded, remarkably resilient, and a tough tiny being on Earth. I’ve got no brain and hands, but I’ve definitely got your back!” <3

Here’s a link to the song-story with footnotes, in case you’re interested in knowing more this amazing beautiful creature.


And, if it happens that you’re a fan of this Simon and Garfunkel song, you can look for the karaoke version to accompany your singing of this deeptime story.