This downloadable resource is for any group wanting to know what Pope Francis actually wrote in Laudato Si’. Many want to reflect and pray about it, and this resource assists them. Participants read, pray, and discuss quotes in five sessions. The first session is dedicated to his brief Introduction that establishes a solid foundation for accepting the full text: we are to think of creation as did St. Francis, as kin. Pope Francis emphasizes there and throughout the unity of all creation. I was disappointed that he did not “set” this encyclical in the Universe Story, but I added a few facts each week so there are at least these mentions:

p. 5: Thanks to the Hubble telescope, scientists estimate that our evolving observable universe contains 170 – 200 billion galaxies, each with billions of stars.

p. 7: The “dust” that we are results from hydrogen and helium that date to about 13.8 billion years ago. “Star-stuff” became Planet Earth about 4.5 billion years ago, and eventually birds, monkeys, music, and laughter. Homo sapiens have been part of it for c. 200,000 years.

Pertinent videos and hymns enrich the sessions, and practical weekly action suggestions lead to lasting commitments.