My article, “Options for the Future” illustrates how our global dominator culture can transform into an Ecozoic one through a series of metaphoric phases. “Options” was the closing piece in the thought-provoking anthology The Rule of Mars (KIT Press, 2006), which was endorsed by Pulitzer Prize-winning scientist and author Jared Diamond. In its December 2006 review, Choice magazine acknowledged me by name and gave the book a “Highly Recommended” rating. As 2006 seems like eons ago, I revised the article a few years ago and again recently.  Though the data may appear slightly dated, the ideas and information are as relevant as ever. Some ideas in the areas of Laws, Education, Mythology, and Art may resonate with DTN members. I hope this unique and creative article is helpful. Please LMK your thoughts. I’m interested to hear others’ comments and thoughts about this. Thank you!
  • Used by people who call the work: Other (), Story of the Universe
  • Applies a deep time evolutionary perspective to: Art, Current Issues, Ecology/Sustainability, Education, Government, Law, Other (Cultural Transformation), Religion/Spirituality, Social Justice
  • Learning Stages: Adult Education, Higher Education, Lifelong
  • Type: Article
  • Keywords: cultural transformation, paradigm, shift, mutually beneficial, macro, micro, cooperative, ecozoic, partnership, universe, cosmos, social change, Thomas Berry, Marija Gimbutas, Mary E Clark,
  • Why I love this Resource: In order to create change, it's important to visualize what that change will look like, and how to get there. I do not believe anyone else has created a metamorphic roadmap for a paradigm shift from a dominator to a mutually beneficial culture in an ecozoic era.
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  • Date Added: July 9, 2019