SEARCHING TO MAKE PEACE BETWEEN TRADITIONAL BELIEFS, TODAY’S SCIENCE, AND THE BOURGEONING PLANETARY CRISIS, this clergy / author takes a grand leap out of the Christian culture to open an Eco-spirituality centre in the woods. Hosting cosmologists, environmental journalists, activists, and Earth-centered teachers from many religious traditions, she finds Evolutionary Wisdom for living and working in these times.

The book takes a surprise turn when The-Minister-That-Would-Not-Go-Back finds herself in a dance with the Little-Church-That-Would-Go Forward. What happens as they move from Advent to Easter is an experiment in Evolutionary Spirituality.  The Christian and Evolutionary stories are made stronger when they dance together, she claims, and together, they can make the Earth-family more resilient.

Including, what the author calls, Evolutionary Rituals grounded in the powers of the Universe and the ways of the Earth,  the book has received high praise.

” a narrative many can relate to … practical and lively with a critical questioning of the present day church!” (Matthew Fox, Original Blessing)

“a treasure chest of spiritual gems for the crisis we’re facing.” (Jan Phillips, No Ordinary Time.)

“a reintegration and revitalization of Church and worship with valuable insights for the evolving global spirituality of our time.” (Diarmuid O’Murchu, Quantum Theology)

“Skillfully interpreting ecology and evolution in a soul-nourishing way, Kilby invites religious folk to take prophetic responsibility for ushering humanity into a healthy relationship to the larger body of life.” (Michael Dowd, Thank God For Evolution)

“With updated stories and new holiday rituals, Kilby offers inspiration for any seeking an evolutionary path.” Rev. Lynn Harrison – Unitarian Universalist


Finding fresh language to convey a holistic consciousness, Kilby creates Evolutionary Rituals for the Progressives, Spiritual But Not Religious, and others from out, in, and on the fringe of the Church.


  • Rediscover Christianity in a new dance with modern science.
  • Reclaim holi-days that reconnect with the Earth and reframe the future.
  • Regain your power and potential to be an Evolutionary Dancer.






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Carol Kilby – This author, speaker, teacher, ritualist, clergy, elder and grandma loves big picture ideas and little times with friends – be they tree or human.