Applying the NEW COSMOLOGY in Life & the World (Model Description)

with Stephan Martin

Guest presenters and facilitators:

Twelve Weeks, Starts March 3rd
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“There is something afoot in the universe, something that looks like gestation and birth.”

— Teilhard de Chardin



       A p p l y i n g   the  NEW COSMOLOGY

                                                      i n  L i f e  &  t h e  W o r l d     

Follow your Allurements:  Projects  *  Practices & Rituals  *  Current Issues

with Stephen Martin

Guest Presenters & Facilitators: Jennifer Morgan, Herman Greene, Maureen Wild, Orla Hazra, Sarbmeet Kanwal, Gail Worcelo, Margie Abbott, Robert Athickal, John Leydon and Elizabeth Carranza, Drew Dillinger, Shirley Pevarnik and Di Shearer

    Robert Athickal              


Twelve Zoom Meetings, two sections to accommodate different time zones:

Section 1: Wednesdays: 7:00 – 9:00 PM ET:  March 3 to May 26, no class March 31st
Section 2: Fridays: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM ET: March 5 to May 28, no class April 2nd
All meetings are recorded and can be viewed by participants at any time. 

Twelve CPD hours available  (Approved by AMS, American Montessori Society)

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A Course to Foster Emergence . . .

A planetary nervous system is emerging with the New Cosmology as its foundation.  People are reflecting together, creating rituals & practices, engaging powerfully in the crises of our day; creating art, films, and music; and much more.  With the explicit purpose of fostering emergence, this  course will take what’s already happening to another level.  We’ll deepen our understanding and meet in allurement groups, further unleashing powerful synergies to bend the arc of our planet’s future toward an Ecozoic Era.





Cosmic Walk at Tarumitra (co-founded by Robert Athickal), India.

Cosmic Walk at Tarumitra (co-founded by Robert Athickal), India.

Follow your allurements inside community:

Issues * Projects *  Practices

What’s calling you? Are there particular issues, projects and practices that you’d like to work on inside of a supportive community? This course is an incubator where you can explore your passion, deepen your understanding, and synergize with others in applying the New Cosmology in your life and putting it into action in the world.  You will be amazed and inspired by the remarkable people participating in these courses.


Whatever mysterious force that has been at work throughout all these years, has not gone to sleep or retired, just because we humans came along. All you have to do is to let your consciousness be flooded by that force and you will know what to do.

– Brian Swimme

See allurement groups below!


Apply Four Big Ideas  . . .

Many of us have explored these big ideas before, but now we will deepen our understanding, and put into action, four principles that can give us a framework, awareness, heart connection, excitement and capacity to enact them in the world.

  • Context:  Orienting to the whole, a vast evolving universe.
  • Matrix:  Understand our embeddedness and relatedness in a participatory universe
  • Interiority: (consciousness, autopoesis, self organization, subjectivity) is inherent in everything
  • Action: Birthing the Ecozoic as a process of co-creation with  our planet Earth.

Were you unable to take the fall course?

Take a mini self guided course before joining this course. 




      . . . with the Ecozoic as our  Omega Point.

Thomas Berry instructed us to reinvent ourselves in a way that enables us to live with mutually enhancing relationships . . . not just with humans but with our Earth.   Thomas Berry suggested the name “Ecozoic” to define an era where humans have transitioned from the destructive industrial dream of consumption and materialism to becoming a sustainable and mutually-enhancing part of the life systems of the planet. He considered the successful emergence of the Ecozoic Era as the Great Work of our time.

For more info about week two with Ecozoic scholar Herman Greene, click here.



Our Theory of Change . . .

Immersion in the big ideas above can turn our lives into an adventure of cosmic proportions.  We see ourselves inside of, and integral to, a Great Story.  What follows?

  1. Our zest for participation is unleashed.
  2. The universe becomes our teacher and guide.
  3. We trust and work with the creativity of the universe.
  4. We embody and fully express our gifts in the world.
  5. We draw on the wisdom of deeptime to create the future.


The Deeptime Network as leading the transition from transforming ourselves to transforming the world. 

— Sarbmeet Kanwal


Deep Time Video Awards Butterfly

Create a NEW COSMOLOGY Ecosystem, 

Join an Allurement Group in the Course!





When you register, you’ll have an opportunity to choose an interest area, or suggest another one not listed.  In our recent poll, people identified several interest areas to pursue inside of allurement groups.

  • Therapy, Bringing a Cosmic Perspective

    Manila joins the climate march, organized by Elizabeth Carranza and John Leydon and others.

  • Spiritual Direction inside an Evolving Universe
  • Bringing the NC to Church Based Centers
  • Starting an “Earth Church,“ a center not affiliated with any particular religion
  • Reinventing Images of God Ritual/practices (Judith Keller?, Ezekiel?)
  • Applying a deeptime perspective to current issues: Anti-bias work, climate change, environmental degradation, energy
  • Cosmic and Deeptime Education
  • Deep Psychology and the New Cosmology
  • Indigenous and Ecozoic ways of knowing
  • Non-human consciousness — Animal, Plant, etc.
  • Curriculum for Humanity — What humans need to know at this point in evolution
  • Feminine wisdom and the New Cosmology
  • Nature/Gardening as portals to a big picture and a rich spiritual life.
  • Creative Arts and the New Cosmology – Art/Writing/Filmmaking Projects
  • Futurist Thinkers — Joanna Macy, John Seed, Charles Eisenstein, Terry Patten, Naomi, Klein, Bill Plotkin, Michael Dowd, Gregory Bateson, Fritjof Capra.
  • The Pluriverse, Cosmology and Social Justice
  • Sharing the New Creation Story with the World
  • Science as Scripture to Deepen Our Spirituality


We feel at home in the Deeptime Network courses.

— Elizabeth Carranza & John Leydon, Philippines



A Toolkit for Allurement Groups & Creating the Ecozoic

1.  Embodyment Practices and Rituals to birth an Ecozoic Era

2.  Contemplative Dialog

3.  Deeptime principles to life and work in the world


Who is this for?

  • Everyone who has issues, projects, and practices they’d like to work on inside a New Cosmology framework.
  • Teachers who want to frame their curriculum inside the New Cosmology.
  • Spiritual/religious who want to situate and ground their understandings/practices inside an evolving universe
  • Artists/Poets/Dancers
  • Scientists
  • Shamans/Healers of all Kinds
  • Activists looking for a larger frame and understanding to address the crises of today.
  • Mental Health Practioners:   Therapists/counselors/coaches who understand that our cosmologies give us meaning and purpose.  Dysfunctional cosmologies can be at the root of mental illness and addiction.
  • Anyone who wants to join with others to explore the possibilities of a new view together, grounding their lives in the cosmic story and an emerging consciousness.

You’ll Get To:

  • Participate in collaborative learning combining lecture, discussion, embodiment practices, and application.
  • Connect with people around the world to grow a planetary nervous system.
  • Choose between two sections every week for twelve weeks.
  • Join an allurement subgroup of your choosing to delve more deeply into a particular interest area.
  • Learn and practice contemplative dialog.
  • Learn and apply Thomas Berry’s Fourfold Wisdom Traditions
  • Become part of a global cohort and develop relationships that can continue after the course is over.
  • Experience and help create embodiment experiences each week.

Use this course as an engine in your life and community! 



Week 1Course Overview and Introductions

Week 2The Ecozoic as our Omega Point, with Herman Greene, Center for Ecozoic Studies

Week 3Deeptime Principles and Governing Themes,  Allurement Groups

Week 4:  Principle One – Context: A Vast Evolving Universe; Application to Practices, with Maureen Wild

Week 5:  Allurement Groups

Week 6:  Principle Two — Matrix: Embeddedness/Relationships

Week 7:  Allurement Groups

Week 8:  Principle Three — Interiority; Application to Practices, with Gail Worcelo

Week 9:   Allurement Groups

Week 10:  Principle 4 — Action (Enacting the Ecozoic), with Robert Athickal and Drew Dillinger

Week 11:   Allurement Groups

Week 12:  Final Integration


Quotes from Participants

in the Cosmology, Consciousness and Birthing the Ecozoic fall 2020 course


This course cracked me open in the best possible way.

My understanding of and connection with the universe expanded and has become vitally alive. This phenomenal course was grounded in its visionary teachers, thought-provoking scientific and metaphysical focus, and engaging interactive process. The highest accolade I can give is that this is the best learning experience–intellectually and spiritually–I have ever had.

— Imogene Drummond


It’s a sumptuous feast.  

It is all and more than I expected – I am not new to the material though have certainly learned and gained new insights into the wonderful planet we call “home”. 

The assignments are doable, interesting, and inviting.  I am enjoying the course very much.

Am loving it. The small groups are wonderful. It is such a marvelous group of participants. The networking is fabulous.  Love the opening and thoughtful reflections.

I look forward to every session.

Life has been sufficiently confusing this year that not only is this a great distraction but an edifying one at that!!

I had to miss two weeks and was aware there was something missing in my life, so I know I am finding it really useful and challenging.  Also good to make connections.

Excellent … I am feeling inspired, energized, and more-connected-than ever!  I am also enjoying the arc of the course, the meditations, quote sharing, and especially the content. 

The content is very interesting and the community so rich.  I have been in other Zoom courses in the last years and usually an important proportion of the participants close the camera, do other things while the session is going on… In here most people is really “here.”


Our Learning Management System

We use Sensei integrated with Buddypress so that between Zoom meetings participants can engage in asynchronous course discussions, and share resources, profiles, and information about their organizations.  We’ve now had experience using this technology in previous courses with people of all levels of technical capability.  And if there are any questions, we’re right there to help you.  All meetings are recorded.  The course will remain open for one year so you can view recordings, stay in touch and continue to share thoughts and resources with others sharing the journey with you.  Our fearless developer, Mohit Sharma, stands at the ready to solve any tech problems that might crop up a long the way.



Stephan Martin is an astronomer, educator, and author who has taught astronomy, physics, and consciousness studies at colleges, universities, and learning centers across the US for over twenty-five years. Between 2003-2008 he studied directly with Brian Swimme and others at the California Institute of Integral Studies, out of which came his first book Cosmic Conversations, in which he held dialogues with scientists, spiritual teachers, and cultural creatives on the nature of the universe and our role in it. Since then he has led workshops on the New Cosmology at seminars and retreat centers across the US and Europe and has been active in exploring multidisciplinary approaches to exploring the universe.  He is currently adjunct faculty in the Consciousness and Transformative Studies graduate program at John F Kennedy University where he teaches a course on “Cosmology and Consciousness.” Steve is also a co-director of the continuing care program at the Center for Spiritual Emergence in Asheville, NC where he assists clients in living more conscious lives from an expansive perspective.


Jennifer Morgan, president and founder of the Deeptime Network, is an award-winning author, storyteller, and educator inspired by the work of Teilhard de Chardin, Maria Montessori, Thomas Berry, and Brian Swimme. Her Universe Story Trilogy — Born With a Bang, From Lava to Life, and Mammals Who Morph — are used in classrooms around the world, particularly in Montessori schools as part of the Cosmic Education Curriculum, and have received the Teachers Choice Award, Nautilus Semi Finalist, highest ratings from AAAS and endorsements from Jane Goodall, Neil de Grasse Tyson, astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme and others.  She is Vice President of the American Teilhard Association.  Her life inspiration is to foster emergence by helping to link a planetary nervous system of people immersed in this radical new understanding.


Herman Greene, JD, DMin is founder and president of the Center for Ecozoic Studies in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a research and education center for the realization of an ecological age. He is co-editor and co-author of Earth Law: Emerging Ecocentric Law—A Guide for Practitioners. He serves on the Boards of the Earth Law Center, Institute for Ecological Civilization, and International Process Network, and on the Advisory Boards of the Center for Process Studies and the Institute for the Post-Modern Development of China. He is a retired corporate, tax, and securities lawyer and holds graduate degrees in law (University of North Carolina-JD), theology (University of Chicago-MTh & MDiv, and United Theological Seminary-DMin), and political science (Stanford University-MA).


Maureen Wild, SC, M.Ed. (Living Cosmology and Earth Literacy).  Maureen’s primary work is that of educator, speaker and retreat guide on themes of spiritual ecology, the wisdom of our cosmic story, and Laudato Si.’ She is featured in the book Green Sisters: A Spiritual Ecology, Harvard University Press, 2007.




Orla Hara, PhD currently lives in Sarasota Florida after recently returning from ten years in Mumbai, India. While in India she developed a curriculum to renew the Ignatian (Jesuit) Pedagogical Paradigm, applying it at St. Xavier’s College and at Tarumitra, an ecoliteracy center in Patna. Her academic formation in recreation leadership, addiction counseling, and spiritual direction, led her into a PhD program in Religious Education, from Fordham University; her research becoming a model for educational reform considering the fourfold wisdom conversation suggested by Thomas Berry — science, religion, women and indigenous peoples. She is a founding board member of the Deeptime Network and is delighted to be witnessing the model in practice, healing our trauma of separation.


Sarbmeet Kanwal, PhD is an award-winning college level educator and a pioneer in novel ways of teaching quantum physics and astronomy. He holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the California Institute of Technology. His aptitude for explaining, in everyday language, intricate concepts in cosmology has made him a sought after speaker among both scientific and non-scientific communities. Last year he was selected from hundreds of applicants to make a speech titled “Chaos to Cosmos” at the highest rated TEDx event on the East coast.  Raised in India as a follower of Sikhism, Sarbmeet is a long time board member of the Monmouth Center for World Religions and Ethical Thought where he helped initiate several interfaith projects including the cofounding of an award winning youth leadership program called MOSAIC. Strongly influenced by the writings of Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry, he is the founder and leader of a popular study circle centered on the New Creation Story.


Mary Conrow Coelho PhD is author of the book Awakening Universe, Emerging Personhood. (Wyndham Hall Press, 2002) and a number of articles. She has been a member of the Steering Committee of the Friends Committee on Unity with Nature, is on the board of The American Teilhard Association and founder with others of the New Story Group at Friends Meeting at Cambridge and a similar group in New York City. She has led a number of workshops on the integration of the epic of evolution and the Western contemplative/mystical tradition.  She brings her theological studies, her background in science as a biology teacher and her excitement about our transformed worldview to her work as a water painter of images evoking the new cosmology.  A few of her paintings and some accordion books are on her website: http://newuniversestory.com. Mrs. Coelho is a signature member of the Northeast Watercolor Society, exhibiting her paintings in the northeast.


Gail Worcelo is a co-founder, along with Bernadette Bostwick (and the late Passionist priest and cultural historian Thomas Berry), of Sisters of the Earth Community at Green Mountain Monastery  in Greensboro, Vermont.    The mission of this community of Catholic sisters, along with their world wide partners is to foster: A Single Sacred Community: Where we go into the future with the natural world in a mutually enhancing way.  She joined the Passionist nuns, a monastic  community of women in 1982 with a Master’s degree in Christian Spirituality from Fordham  University, and directed,  Homecomings: Center for Ecology and Contemplation; served on the Leadership Team as Councilor and Novice director of the community, and obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.  She travels the world giving retreats to congregations of men and women religious based on her work with Thomas Berry (1990-present).

Robert Athickal

Robert Athickal, S.J., is an environmentalist, lecturer in theology and co-ordinator of Tarumitra (which means trees), an organization of students in 23 States of India.  Over 3,000,000 students form the movement in over 2000 colleges and schools.   He is a lecturer on Eco-theology at JDV Pune, India, for post Graduate students, Vidyajyoti, Jesuit National College of Theology.  He coordinated the writing of text books on environmental education.  He’s a delegate in: the United Nations Frame Work Convention on climate change 2002, representing the Holy See.  He’s a delegate in UNEP Tunza Conferences in Connecticut USA; Tayohashi, Japan; Stravanger Norway; Bandun Indonesia; and Rio, Brazil.


Gerardo López-Amaro engages in activist scholarship around Buen Vivir, ecopedagogies and practices of re-existence. He explores ways to highlight the experiments to co-create viable alternatives to the current system and address the global challenges of our times. He is a PhD candidate in Anthropology and Social Change by the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) of San Francisco, where he wonders about the possibilities for the emergence of the pluriverse even in dense liberal societies learning with grassroots movements. He is also part of the Steering Committee of the Ecoversities Alliance.



John Leydon is an Irish priest of the Missionary Society of St. Columban who has been in the Philippines since 1973. Aside from his pastoral work, most of his missionary years were dedicated to social action and ecological work. For several years, he had been the coordinator of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Ministry of the Columban Missionaries in the Philippine Region. His masteral studies in Creation Spirituality at the Institute in Culture and Creation Spirituality, Oakland, California (which he completed in 1996) led him to co-found the Center for Ecozoic Living and Learning (CELL), an eco-center dedicated to the Universe/Earth through the inspiration of Thomas Berry, in 1998. He also co-founded, in 2019, the Terra Sisters of the Trinity, a new and emerging Earth-oriented Philippine-based Catholic religious community of women. He is currently a member of the Steering Committee of the Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM) and Chairperson of its Philippine Chapter, GCCM-Pilipinas.


Elizabeth (Bing) Carranza, a passionate Earth-lover, is Co-Founder and Coordinator of the Terra Sisters of the Trinity, a new and emerging Earth-oriented Philippine-based Catholic religious community of women established in 2019. She works with the Global Catholic Climate Movement-Pilipinas and is involved in the Education Program at the Center for Ecozoic Living and Learning, an eco-center dedicated to Thomas Berry which was set up by the Mondejar Foundation along with some members of the Missionary Society of St. Columban in 1998. She was a College Physics Instructor at the University of the Philippines before she entered the religious life. Active in the ecological circle in the Philippines for over 15 years now, she was Chairperson of the Save Sierra Madre Network Alliance Inc. and was also part of the Board to four other environmental organizations. 


Shirley Pevarnik has an MLA in Creation Spirituality from Matthew Fox’s University of Creation Spirituality (UCS)/Naropa. She studied with Brian Swimme at UCS and California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in the Bay Area. She was a good friend to Thomas Berry and Swimme and is a life long student of their work. She has spent years facilitating video discussion groups on Swimme’s, started many Ecozoic groups and discussion groups on New Cosmology and gives “Active Hope” workshops based on the work of Joanna Macy. She lives in the Southwest desert with the sweet scent of creosote, the beauty of flowering cactus and great horned owls.  A teacher and social worker, she is also a long time social and environmental justice activist. After being arrested many times for Civil Disobedience protesting the state of our world, she was fortunate enough to finally hear Berry and Swimme’s work and the new Universe Story.   This new scientific, cosmic story changed her life as it possibly has or will change yours.


Di Shearer is an earthling who lives in the Southern Hemisphere of our Globe.  In her childhood she was visited by a recurring dream that has given her a lifelong interest in the spiritual and the ways in which an individual might respond to the global crises we face, economically, ethically and ecologically.  Her career path spans secondary and tertiary teaching in Australia and in Singapore and Malaysia.  Her higher degrees (PhD and DMin) focus on intercultural personhood and the true meaning of catholicity respectively.  In her retirement, Di is a freelance spiritual director and supervisor, currently reshaping her work as guide to wisdom practices.  She aims to be deeply rooted in history and open to interfaith application to individual and social life across cultures.  In this reshaping in a new stage of her retirement, Di is promoting and giving priority to a Deeptime Perspective.


$425; $395 Early Bird Price Till February 15th
Premium Members receive 15% discount ($335.75 w/Early Bird Disc.; $295.75 with Super Early Bird Disc. till Jan. 31)
Basic Members receive 5% discount ($375.25 with Early Bird Discount; $335.25 with Super Early Bird Discount)

Groups Rates available for four or more!
Sharing the experience with others can be even more transformative.  Write to us at [email protected]

Scholarship funds: We do have limited scholarship funds available.  Write to us at [email protected]

Can you help support others to participate in this course?  Please help us to help others, particularly those from other countries where these prices may be prohibitive.  Please write to [email protected], or make a donation by clicking here.


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