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Cosmic Themes & Human Development

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Dr. Michael Dorer
Levels: All
Available Now! 1 PD Hour




This webinar is an inspiring introduction to Montessori Cosmic Themes that start at birth and develop throughout life.  Although it’s primarily oriented toward teachers, it’s really for everyone.

Dr. Dorer gives an overview of cosmic themes and human development and how they relate to how we experience the larger world: experiencing the world through the senses (0 to 6), learning the Great Lessons and how they introduce the five Cosmic Themes (6 – 12), seeing ourselves in the Great Stories (12 – 18), and exploring our cosmic gifts and tasks inside the Cosmic Story in which all things are connected, as Thomas Berry discussed with such profundity in his work.  Maria Montessori focused on the first four planes of development, but the Cosmic Themes and human development continue to unfold throughout life.

Kyle Herman further delves into the adolescent years, bringing in Montessori’s idea of Cosmic Gift & Task and relating it to Thomas Berry’s idea of the Great Work. Brian Tucker, of the Guild for Spiritual Guidance, who studied Erik Erikson links the early planes of development to later stages in life. 


Cosmic Themes and Human Development

Five cosmic themes unfold developmentally throughout life — universe, earth, humans, communication, and math — and help us to discover our Cosmic Gifts and Tasks (Montessori) and our Great Work (Thomas Berry).  The themes can viewed as a nested egg, with theme nested inside the theme that comes before.

A combination of overview, inspiration, and how to — particularly for teachers, parents and grandparents, but also for everyone who wants to connect their lives to the larger context of an evolving universe — this webinar is ultimately about meaning, purpose, and engaging fully at every single stage in life inside an evolving universe, and nurturing engagement in our students, children, grandchildren, and others around us.

A Deeptime Perspective undergirds the work of everything we do on the Network.

*AMS approved continuing professional development hour.  Our certificates are recognized by many schools.  Check with your supervisor to see if these courses meet your requirements.


Dr. Michael Dorer, a Montessori Trainer in Cosmic Education                                                                                 

Free Live Lecture and Q&A with Dr. Michael Dorer
7:00 PM EST: Thursday August 29th
Levels:  All     CPD Hours: 1


[To take an in-depth professional development course in Cosmic Themes with Dr. Dorer, offering 4 CPD hours, click here.]


Who is this for?

Teachers, parents, grandparents, and anyone interested in understanding the stages of human development and how we orient to a cosmic and deeptime perspective.


In This Webinar, You Will:

  • Be introduced to planes of development and how they relate to understanding/loving the universe.
  • Be inspired to orient your life, teaching, parenting, and more to these themes and the universe as an all compassing context.
  • See how learning, living, teaching, and parenting becomes easier and deeply engaging inside of the Cosmic Story.

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Cosmic Themes & Human Development

  1. Jennifer Morgan

    Here are comments we received by email:

    I totally enjoyed Michael’s presentation and gained lots of Cosmic Education information.
    — Linda Aaquist

    I’m an Early Childhood Montessori Teacher and I do feel that we can address Cosmic Education on this level, however, as a mother with a child in her last year in Children’s House, I’m very excited after listening to this recording for what she has to look forward to in hearing these stories of the universe when she enters her Elementary class next year…and, as our school has a Middle School, continuing – hopefully with a teacher like Kyle! – after that.
    — Nanci Guartofierro

    Surely the Universe is rejoicing with such rich and beautiful and interesting and helpful material! As an elder, I realize how affirming this is, and how much suffering happens when elders have missed the early stages, and despair when they cannot be active! (I was so fortunate to have had poor health and learned rather by force that my task was not getting “work” done, but contributing to the consciousness and compassion of the universe, which I could do in bed.  Thank you, thank you for all the time and effort and love you have put into these marvelous programs!
    — Terri Mackensie

    FYI, in the 80’s Catholics and Catholic educators were becoming aware that charity wasn’t enough; justice was needed. Some of us did “infusion workshops” to help teachers integrate justice-awareness and action into everything else — exactly what your speakers indicated should be done with cosmic education. I’m out of the Catholic education scene, but certainly hope we are “infusing” these cosmic concepts and goals!
    — Terri Mackensie

    Thanks so much and thank you for presenting this course!  Jay

    I LOVED IT. I had developed years ago…  The yoga that reconnects us to the Kosmos.  
    — Hasita Nadai

    Thank you so much for the lecture and discussion last night. It was invigorating. 
    I have, and regularly share with my LE class, Jennifer’s books. Every single time, their story and the accompanying artwork is met with awe and wonder.
    —Andrea Clark

    Hi, Jennifer. It did not register with me that you were the author of three of my favorite books! We read each one of them in class as we go through the stories of the universe, and life, and enjoy them so much. They are beautiful books, and I keep them in my personal library. Thank you for contributing in such a lovely way to the education of young people!
    — Cyndy Terrien

  2. Jennifer Morgan

    More comments by email:

    I enjoyed Cosmic Themes and Human Development, especially the ideas around people in their elder years. I think that taking Montessori into facilities where seniors need care is a fantastic idea. I will contemplate that some more!
    — Cyndy Terrien

    I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s Cosmic Themes!
    — Jane Lemon

    Your program(s) are sure to fill a huge, gaping hole I have had not being able to continue in Montessori-teacher-training past that of ages 3-6. Here in my last planes of life I study, in a rather disjointed way, holistic educations, social justice, history, Sociocracy, Partnerships, and math. I will be sure to share your online presence with others. (Heart) ❤️
    — Sheryl Morris

  3. Wendy Agnew

    Marvellous and inspiring – I sent to friends and it became a “Road to Damascus” moment for one of them!

    I sent the link to many colleagues and the one who watched responded with vast enthusiasm. We both struggle with the ever-present challenge of facilitating a cosmic educational flow when infusions of the industrial paradigm nudge the bliss. It was lovely to find reinforcement during the webinar and to have a continuing frame of reference with which to gird our collective consciousness. We loved the diversity and the luxury of diving deep into those interpretations – the very act being not so much definitive, as creative!

    So Thanks again!!


    Thank you,


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