This wide-ranging book was published in 2000 but is very relevant for understanding our world in this time of great transition. “Promise Ahead” explores how humanity is growing up and how our progress has created a number of adversity trends (e.g., climate chaos, groundwater depletion, species extinction). We are about to hit an “evolutionary wall” where we run into ourselves. Four great changes are vital: 1) A new perceptual paradigm that recognizes we live within a living universe; 2) New ways of living that are “outwardly simple and inwardly rich” and offer a foundation for a future of sustainable prosperity; 3) Engaging with the communications revolution as global citizens and communicating our way into a promising future; and 4) A global project in “truth and reconciliation” with regard to gender, wealth, race, religion, and more. This generation has the choice of either an evolutionary crash or an evolutionary bounce or leap forward. Humanity now has a central project—realizing our early adulthood as a species.