Quantum theory has inspired us with a powerful metaphor. It suggests that a life lived out of following ones dreams instead of reacting to momentary urges is more aligned with how the universe has always worked. Such conduct would be transformative. It would change how we deal with systemic issues in our institutions. Instead of rooting out causes of percveived problems, we would seek to create possibilities that are so alluring that people can’t help move towards them. The famous earthrise photo is a beautiful example of that.

For individual lives this means becoming so consumed with our own allurements and passions that they start to overflow from our vessels and inspire others in unexpcted ways. These relationships have the potential to create a web of ‘interbeing” in which we become connected through our allurements into a single evolving super-entity. Our individual  identities are then defined by how our existence serves that wholeness or oneness. The whole grants us purpose, it gives meaning to our lives. And as a result the cosmic story of evolution moves onwards!