The new story of the evolutionary universe shows clearly that we emerged within and belong to the magnificent unfolding story yet a felt participation in the story and its numinous depths is often elusive. This book describe a pathway to finding a personal depth of belonging to the story. It uses the breakthroughs in our understanding of matter, insights into form generation, object relations and analytic psychology (Jung) and the contemplative tradition to help enable personal participation in the emergent story.

  • Used by people who call the work: Cosmic Evolution, Journey of the Universe, Story of the Universe, The New Story
  • Learning Stages: Adult Education
  • Type: Book
  • Keywords: contemplation, Jung, soul, Teresa of Avila, Bohm, Eckhart, God, mysticism, Brian Swimme, healing, active life
  • Why I love this Resource: It helps us to a felt participation in and to an understanding of how deeply we belong to our new origin story.
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  • Date Added: September 18, 2013