Candidates to Religious Life in Asia from 30 Congregations Learn About Cosmology

News from Agnes Wong, MMB, Manila, Philippines


Sr. Agnes Wong recently completed the Deeptime Leadership & Wellbeing Program, 2022 – 2023.  A new Leadership Program starts Sept. 20th. 

We are a group of international congregations here in Manila who organize modular classes on different topics for their respective candidates every school year to prepare them for the novitiate.

This was a 3-day workshop on Self-Esteem and Well-being for a group of 88 candidates to Religious Life from more than 30 religious congregations. mainly from Asia. The candidates are from India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, East Timor and the different parts of the Philippines.

Many of their Formators (trainors) were also present since it is their responsibility to deepen the topic with their candidates, especially those whose English is still very limited. It seems that this is the first time for them to listen about Self-Esteem (psychology) from the perspective of Cosmology and the ones who gave me the feedback were very appreciative and impressed with the deeptime perspective.

Here are more images that show them in smaller breakout groups by country so they speak to each other in their native languages.