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The Deeptime Leadership program is a 9-month certification program that cultivates Deeptime Leaders, individuals who have a big-picture perspective that is aligned with the well-being and benefit of their communities, ecosystems, and the entire Earth Community. Through this program they have developed the skills, perspectives, and practices to guide individuals, groups, and organizations into alignment with a larger sense of purpose and contribution. They have also honed their skills through developing and implementing a personal project that expresses their own contribution to a better world in their own unique way. We at the Deeptime Network fully support and recommend these certificate recipients and invite you to be in touch with them about their work and their fields of interest.

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Amanda Patt

BC, Canada

Primary Field of Application: Environmental education, the arts, spiritual development and following allurements to find what emerges

Project: Confronting the Secondary Biosphere, while making eco-art, leaning into an awe of the natural world, and leading into my calling to be a Science Monk!

Bio: UVIC undergrad BSc Geog/ES, RNS diploma (in-progress), worked in food service, landscaping, reception, and now looking to find work in the eco-spiritual unfolding (no website as yet)

Kelsey Dovico

Louisville, KY, USA

Primary Field of Application: Spirituality and ecopsychology

Project: Though I had an external Deeptime project, much of my engagement with the course material was in the sense of an internal formation. This course changed my worldview, my self-perception, my behavior, and in all these senses, my life. My external project dealt with learning to expand my senses in order to communicate with plant life and to tend to them lovingly with positive energy and intention. My internal Deeptime project was nothing short of reorganizing my psyche.

Bio: Kelsey is a nonprofit community leader, Fulbright scholar, dancer, and interfaith spiritual director. Her passions intersect in service to displaced and culturally marginalized communities, service to the land, and service to the animating Spirit that embodies us all. Connect with her at

Francoise Bosteels

France, Niederbronn-les-Bains

Primary Field of Application: My primary field of application is education through art. My art form is open to people of all walks of life. I target by priority youth, students and children.

Project: Continue the deeptime journey through art form, targeting mainly youth, students and children.

Bio: Of Belgian origin, nurse and religious, I made India my home for 50 years. I started making dolls/figurines depicting people’s day to day life. In the course of time, the situations I found people and my own reflections and insights from life, gave more meaning and purposeful depth in the creation of dolls. They began to reflect Indian life not only with its breath-taking variety and unique beauty, but life with its gripping and enduring tragedies. Perhaps dolls/figurines like these could invite us to join hands across the world in dissent against further destruction of all living things and of Sister Earth herself. The Deeeptime experience offered me new depths in my understanding of the mystery of relationship to one self, one another, to the earth with all what grows and lives on her soil, to the Divine and the Mystery of an evolving universe we are part of. In exhibitions, many expressed that these dolls play a critical, transformative and humanizing role in society by touching and activating not only the head but the heart too. Living in France, the dolls continue their journey touching the heart of more and more people.

Sheila Scotese Spremulli

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Primary Field of Application: Econstellating “the human – at a species level, … by means of story” (Berry) through Prenatal Science Education, Environmental/Social Justice, and Healthy Advocacy via CHARTres 4 PEACE Contemplative LAByrinth prActivism™ and TRANSITus LABwork™

Project: There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendships between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.
Teilhard de Chardin

Drawn to deepen Teilhard’s vision of evolutionary consciousness, CHARTres 4 PEACE Contemplative LAByrinth prActivism, and it practical application TRANSITus LABwork, nest our origyn stories within the Deeptime Story of Cosmogenesis. Informed by Prenatal Science, critical reflection, shared dream experience, embr-eco-poetry, and autocosmology, TRANSITus LABwork claims, curates, cultivates, and (r)econstellates the voice of the prenatal self – that part in each of us that has been “in and of nature from the very beginning of ourselves” but, too often, silenced (The Ecology of Wisdom: Writings by Arne Naess).

Bio: Sheila, a Prenatal Science Educator/Artist, worked as a L&D nurse and DONA Birth Doula before designing CHARTres 4 Peace LAByrinth pRebirth teaching puzzle in 2015. Her teaching labyrinths support the Cenozoic-to-Ecozoic Era transition. Watch her Mythologium 2023 – Prenatal Theseus and the TRANSITus LAByrinth™ recording. Find her limited edition laser-cut labyrinths and download her TRANSITus LABwork™ poster and Susan Alexjander’s TRANSITus Nova Magnificat™ womb-like soundscape at

Bruce Rippe

Masonville, Colorado USA

Primary Field of Application: Earth Literacy, The Great Work

Project: Writing HOW LOON LEARNED TO FLY was the focus of my emergence project. It is a 5200-word Deeptime story about creativity, wisdom, subjectivity, courage, self-discovery, connection, friendship, community, diversity, collaboration, perseverance, gratitude, whole-heartedness and how we all came to be.

Bio: I am a lifetime learner fascinated by Earth and the Universe Story. I enjoy organic gardening and studying all aspects of my bioregion in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. My 41-year career practice was as a Board Certified Chaplain in the healthcare setting.

Gretchen Gundrum

Seattle, WA

Primary Field of Application: Yet to be determined, but likely consulting and education.

Project: Autocosmology: Just a Speck of Dust in the Universe ~ A Memoir Through an Evolutionary Perspective

Bio: I hold a Ph.D. in depth psychology and am now retired from 25 years of private practice as a psychologist and spiritual director. I was adjunct professor for 13 years at the School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University . My latest joy is my great-granddaughter, Kaia!

Richard Arnold


Primary Field of Application: Faith community leadership (Christian/Protestant)

Project: I have recently published my book called “Kingfisher Family Tell Us Your Story”.
In this book, the Kingfisher Family tells their story of how they have emerged in relationship with all life since the journey of the Universe began over 13.7 billion years ago. The 10 members of the Kingfisher Family in Australia, each tell part of the family story as well as their own individual story.
Collectively, they explain how interdependent and inter-related they are with other beings, including humans. They particularly mention the challenges to their unique ecological niche due to the actions of human beings. They call on humans to respect their right to exist and thrive.

Bio: I am a retired Minister in the Uniting Church in Australia. My current emergences involve sharing the New Story to my faith community so that it can embrace a new way of understanding and caring for Mother Earth. I also convene the Australia-wide Steering Group to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2040 across the whole church.

Cindy Dixon

Paso Robles, California

Primary Field of Application: The arts – bringing the DeepTime story into our local community via salons – music and evolution.

Project: Tell the story of DeepTime through songwriting. Collaborate with husband on music projects, including public events to showcase songwriting and DeepTime perspective.

Bio: I am a pianist and piano teacher. I also write and compose. My background includes marketing/sales in high-tech space.