There is lots of scientific information about climate change, but very little about how to deal with it at the community and neighbourhood level. This article, subtitled “Chronicles”, is the first of a number of articles that will appear on this site to show what might be possible. The community is the Comox Valley in the middle of Vancouver Island on Canada’s west coast—60,000 residents in a large rural area with a number small municipalities. The theoretical background is a deep time perspective based upon Berry and Swimme’s New Cosmology. It suggests ways and mean of developing a “functional cosmology” at the local level. The approach is story—the stories of local organizers, the stories of what other communities are doing, and especially the stories of indigenous Canadian Inuit and First Nation (tribal) communities in the Arctic who have survived for centuries in Earth’s most severe climate.

  • Used by people who call the work: New Cosmology, The New Story
  • Applies a deep time evolutionary perspective to: Current Issues
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  • Keywords: context, community, story, deep time perspective, functional cosmology
  • Why I love this Resource: It helps address climate change within a deep time perspective at the local level .
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  • Date Added: March 13, 2017