COP26 Climate Summit:
Stepping Up To the Tipping Point

[Note: Representatives from countries around the world will gather in Glasgow, Scotland, for the latest round of climate talks—the twenty-sixth Conference of the Parties (COP26)—during the first two weeks of November.]

COP 26 – A tipping point? Only time will tell. It is, however, a summons to check in with myself. Do I feel optimistic, pessimistic, powerless or inspired? Will I join the climate-actions, sing, march, or pray over the next two weeks? Do I know my own power?

“Compassion – it’s where faith and the new science come together. While I’d always thought of it as a way of being to which I could only aspire, or the gaze with which God looked down upon me, now I know it’s an energy in and around me, an electromagnetic field I can create.” Compassion, Science has helped my understand, as my power.

The intentional direction of compassionate energy I now call prayer. Compassion, I believe, isn’t an inert emotion but a vibration dancing in and through and around us pulling us into the fullness of our potential.” [1]

So this morning to mark the beginning of a two-week international meeting that may add homo sapiens sapiens to the list of lost species and shape the planet for centuries, I exercised my powers of compassion. I joined, virtually, with a community called Ruah. The intention – to connect with those at the Conference in Glasgow, Scotland and to support the emergence of a new planet-centric culture.

You’re welcome to join us, from wherever you are, in creating a resonant field each day until November 10th at 9 a.m.

No training, masks, or credentials necessary. Only a few minutes of quiet breathing to move out of a culture of pollution into a culture of human-earth mutuality, out of the myth of separation into the Earth–community, out of powerlessness to power full compassion,

And belief, belief that we can move beyond powerlessness to powerful compassion is needed. A candle helps. It makes visible the invisible flame of potentiality within us. To fuel the flame our group recited these words:
“My heart is moved by all I cannot save, so much has been destroyed. I must cast my lot with those, who, age after age, perversely, with no extraordinary power, reconstitute the world.”[2]

Then, owning that power, we moved with conviction to state our intention: “We send compassion for the future of our Earth community, commitment to eco-centric governance, and courage to all delegates to make change now.”

Is Cop 26 a tipping point time for our species? I like to think of it more personally, as an invitation to take a step on the evolutionary staircase. More importantly, it challenges me: “Don’t make your practice of compassion too small. Let it be the source of the life you desire.”[3]


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[3] Carol Kilby, Evolutionary Dancer, Out, In, and On the Fringe of the Church, p. 45

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