Explore the Physics and Mystery of Light.

Tune into the heavens with this Equinox Gathering on Sept. 9th, 7:00 PM ET.  See Earth in her solar context.

Join us for an en-light-ening exploration of the magical and mysterious nature of light. Light has been a theme in mythology, spiritual traditions, and cultures around the world for millennia, and it has no less an important role in modern physics and astronomy, where the paradoxical nature of light as being both a particle and a wave points to a deeper mystery about its ultimate nature. During this time of equinox (i.e. “equal night”), we’ll reflect on some of the transformative insights from modern physics and astronomy about the nature of light and its role in our lives and experience.

Maureen will guide a contemplative opening on Light — a remembering that we are interweaving of forms of Light, from cosmic origins, to our shared existence within a community of subjects, to our personal and collective sparks of enlightenment.

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